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weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

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weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak


My partner and I are planning to visit Khao Lak in November and wondered how the weather would be at this time? is it still the rainy season?

We stayed in Tubkaak Krabi at this time in 2005 and although the Tubkaak was superb and we had a fantastic holiday we didn't have very good weather.

We love the look and sound of the Sarojin in Khao Lak and want to ask anyone that has stayed there if its worth paying the extra for a suite or any recommendation's?

Oh - one other thing, what is the name of the beach Sarojin is on?


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1. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

It's on Khuk Khak beach... North of Khao Lak..

We didn't stay there, but did have a look at it... It may be unfair judgment.. but the Sarojin does not look as impressive in reality as it does in the promotons.. In fact we were very glad that we didn't choose it for a recent visit to the area.. We went to Le Meridien.. ... But it may be nicer than it looks from just taking a short stroll through it..

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2. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

The sarojin is on the pakweeb beach. You can find the best map at www.khaolakmap.com

Is the sarojin worth your money? I am sorry, you need to find it out yourself.

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3. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

Although we have not been to Khao Lak in November, our friends who have businesses there tell us that the high season usually starts around October. Have a look at www.khaolaklovers.com/khao_lak_weather.htm

for weather details.

Yes, The Sarojin is on Pakweeb beach. Its about a 15 minute drive north of Bang Niang, usually considered as central Khao Lak. This is one of the best and quietest beaches. We took a walk from The Sarojin to The Royal Banksak one morning and met only a couple of people and some friendly dogs at The Similana.

At The Sarojin the suites are the only rooms with a real view as they are on the first floor. You have to ask for one closest to the sea for the best views. The suites are huge and have a small plunge pool on the balcony although the Pool Residences on the ground floor have a larger, proper pool.

The Sarojin has a free shuttle bus to Khao Lak around every 2 hours up to 22.00 so you are not isolated.

Have a look at our review of the Sarojin at-


We would say that suites are probably worth the extra, particularly if your'e going for a special occasion, but the Pool Residences, although smaller and on the ground floor, are also recommended.

One thing for sure is that you will enjoy Khao Lak, we first went in 2003 and have been going every year since!

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4. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

I was staying in Khao Lak in March, and cycled past the Sarojin every day. From what I can gather, November is a good time to go as its the start of the season. I have not been to the serojin but it looks nice from outside - it is remote though. Check out others in the forum to get a better idea. As for the beach, it is slap bang on what is called White Sands Beach. The best beach for miles, and I cycled two of them every day to get there! Stay at the serojin bit if you want, but walk for ten minutes and you have it all to yourself. The restaurants on this part of the beach are vey good too - dirt cheap if you fancy a change from the hotel food. The hotel is in the best location. Mark.

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5. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

Just to clarify or add to the confusion with names. The Sarojin is on Aow Nang Beach (White Sand Beach) which in itself is part of Pak Weeb Beach just North of the Pakarang Cape. Best beach, I agree stretching from the Cape along past the Sarojin, Similana, Le Meridien to Bang Sak Beach.

Centre of Khao Lak also referred to as Khao Lak "City" or just Khao Lak is Bang La On where most of restaurants, shops and bars are to be found and which is just up from Nang Thong Beach. Just up the road towards the Sarojin is the "second town of KL" Bang Niang and Bang Niang Beach.

One side of Highway 4 glorious beaches in the National Park, the other the hills and looming mountains. Wonderful!

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6. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

PakWeeb Beach is, in my opinion, some of the best beachcombing to be found in Thailand. And - even in semi-high season - very quiet.

If you are up at sunrise the beach is usually yours alone.

Very few better places in the world for a LONG beach stroll in the morning.

Not exclusive to the Sarojin there are quite a few nice places along the beach. The area is not in the middle of town - but the quiet surroundings are defintely part of the charm.

10-15 minutes to the center of Bang La On - is the amount of time it would take you to get to your local shopping center back home - put it in perspective. Not really isolated!

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7. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has take the time to reply to my post. The information has been really useful. Khao Lak sounds a beautiful place and i can't wait to visit.

Khaolaker: great map for showing location of The Sarojin and surrounding hotels

Russetsprints: Great trip report and very informative. The Sarojin

sounds just what we are looking for. We really like the idea of a pool room but understand they are located on the corners of each block. Does this make them less private and do they get the sun?

thanks GK

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8. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak


If you have a look at the layout of the Sarojin on their website, the sun rises at the 6 o clock position, and sets at the 12 o clock position. We had suite 608 which is the second block from the sea on the same side as The Edge restaurant, facing west. This meant we had the sun fully on our balcony from mid day to sun set. The pool rooms at the corner of our block on the ground floor did have a wall and some foliage around them giving some shade and privacy although the gates into the pool rooms are slatted, so passers by can glimpse in. The rooms on the opposite side of the hotel (on the side of the Spa) will have shade from mid-day as they face east.

Hope that helps. If I can be of any more assistance please let me know.

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9. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak


The Pool and Garden Rooms have a Sala with day beds immediately outside the room, but the Suites do not. The Pool and garden rooms can be overlooked slightly from the suites, but this is only really the case when the suite occupants are in their plunge pool!

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10. Re: weather in November-Sarojin Khao Lak


Thanks again for the advice - Basically when we make our booking we need to request a pool residence that gets the afternoon/early evening sun and just hope there is one available.

A few other questions if I may? Did you book direct with the Sarojin? Obviously its not cheap and any advice from yourselves or others is most welcome.

Did you use their airport transfer service and if so what did it cost?



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