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Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

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Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

During our recent vacations in Europe in the last 3 - 4 years, we observed many Indian women topless in public beaches. In private hotels / resorts, the numbers doubled.

Last year on our holiday to Thailand, in Pattaya we saw Indian ladies topless in private hotels. In Koh Samui (a small island South of Thailand), we found some Indian Ladies daring to go topless on public beaches.

Things have changed for sure.

I want to know if the trend is only for foreign locations or has anyone seen Indian ladies topless in beaches in Goa or in hotels swimming pool.

I have been to Goa many times but the last I visited Goa was about 8 years back. As usual we saw many European ladies topless but never saw a single Indian lady. My wife did wear bikinis (only in the hotel, not on the beach) but still got ogled by some guests which made her uncomfortable.

I mean, we all love to see a sexy woman (we r all men) and do so from the corner of our eyes (which is perfectly normal) but being ogled and even passing some sexist remarks is very offensive.

Now, my wife has been topless at European beaches many times and even in Koh Samui and we were not bothered at all.

We are visiting Goa shortly and will be staying in a five star resort. My wife has agreed to go topless if she sees some other Indian women topless at the resort. Otherwise she will feel uncomfortable. Of course, it is out of question at public beaches.

If anyone has recently visited Goa, I would like to know if anyone saw any Indian ladies topless in public beaches / hotels etc.

Also, is it a norm now or u get ogled and if people make rude comments.

Any advise will be most welcome.

However, please do not give me moral advise / illegal in Goa etc., I already know all that. I know it is against Indian culture etc. etc., but please, I m not seeking any moral advise. I have been to Goa many times since my first visit in 1985 and I have witnessed that toplessness is a norm with European ladies and I have never heard / read anywhere that any local Indian was offended.

Newcastle upon tyne
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1. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

Hi Nina,

I did ask this question but sadly only received moral advice so am still no further forward. I would really like to know the legal stance on this before i go as like you i would like all this information before i go so I do not create issue for myself or anyone else once there. I will look forward to any replies you get as i may get my answer here also. Enjoy your trip.

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2. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa


the legal status is, it is illegal to b topless anywhere in india.

if u visit the interiors of india, not many women know the meaning of toplessness.

yes, in five star resorts in goa etc. many europeans are topless. no one gives a damn about it and i have never heard / read about any person reporting or getting arrested over the issue. in other words it is an accepted norm.

if u r not an indian, it is perfectly normal for u to b topless in the hotel pool. i m sure no one will bother u.

but i m not v sure of the public beaches. although, i have heard from friends that most of the europeans are topless in public beaches but not too sure about it. i will let u know after my trip. well, as i said that during my last trip (8 years back), i noticed a lot of europeans topless in our resort but maybe about 10 % in public beaches.

also, the advent of digital cameras have given a new dimension to the whole thing. the last thing u want is your wife's topless photo to b splashed on various porno websites.

so take care and so do i want to take care.

London, United...
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3. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

I have been visiting goa for 11 years and have never ever seen any Indian lady bathing in anything other than a full sari and I have never stayed at a hotel from 2 to 4 star which allowed topless bathing/sunbathing. Many Europeans will go topless on the beaches but should you do so, you should expect to be photographed and leered at and I do know of locals who are deeply offended by this behaviour.

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4. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

There were a couple of pretty little "20 something" Indian girls sunbathing in Bikini's at Fisherman's Paradise last Nov, plus a couple of Indian girls associated with the fiming there were also in their cossies if I remember rightly

Barry, United...
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for Goa
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5. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

In10 visits I have never seen a topless Indian lady. I actually like Goa because its culture frowns upon us putting everything on public display, but I suppose I am just old fashioned . Its fine to go topless in privacy but not in public, and certainly not if the lady concerned feels uncomfortable doing so

munich germany
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6. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

I have never seen an INDIAN LADY topless on any beach, or hotel pool in India.Or anywhere in the World for that matter it is totaly against their culture.Sorry about the moral advice again!! as you are Indian you shouldnt need it.

the local Goans are offended but seeing as they rely on the tourists for their livelyhood are too poliite to say anything.

Also the number of foreigners going topless isnt that many , as most prefer to keep within the Law.

If you want sun and topless the Canary Isles are good

Leicester, UK
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7. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

We stayed at the Radisson White Sands, Varca Beach, for 2 weeks in Feb 06. During that time, we only saw 2 ladies, both English, attempt to sunbathe topless by the pool. Despite being quite discreet about it, i.e. they remained on their sunbeds, after 2 or 3 hours, one of the female members of staff appeared and asked them both to cover up, which they did. We walked for miles in both directions on the beach every day but did not witness any females, Indian or European, sunbathing topless. We did see anumber of Indian woman swimming in the sea in bathing costumes.

Think the South of Goa is quieter than the North so maybe the woman are less inclined to bare themselves?

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8. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

pl let me know your finding's as my wife also is very much eager to go topless in goa-

Destination Expert
for Calangute, Siolim
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9. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa


Rafian if your wife wishes ,with your permission. to lay on the beach and have all the Male Indian tourists oggle her thats ok.

I can just imagine what the respectful Indian Ladies that see her will think say.

And ladies.I echo what the majoriy have written.I have NEVER seen a topless Indian Female here.One and Two piece outfits are now becoming more common in lieu of Sari's and Salwas,

Why must European standards be copied.Do you not realise that many Europeans think that some of yours are better

chippenham, wilts
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10. Re: Topless Indian women at beaches in Goa

I think Rafian has a bit of a fetish as he keeps dragging up old threads about topless bathing.

The general opinion is that it is offensive to do so.Lets save it for Ibiza.


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