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Visas - Urgent

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Visas - Urgent

We have just received our visas from the Edinburgh office after waiting for 2 hours to get them checked. We leave on 9th April 2006 and return 25th April 2006 and the consulate have issued our visas for the 23rd April. I have called the consulate regarding this and their only answer is to buy anther visa even though they had all the infomation re dates etc..

What is the system for checking visas when you leave India do they check them? Are we going to face problems etc...

I can't face waiting for another two hours in Edinburgh!!!

Can anyone help as we are panicking now!!

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1. Re: Visas - Urgent

Dear Davman

They certainly check passports several times as you leave Goa and are bound to notice that your visa has run out. Unfortunately it looks as though you got the visas a little bit too early which is no comfort. The Commission is not interest when you are visiting, they just date the visa when they process the application.

Rather than ring them again, why don't you email to the Edinburgh office (indianconsulate@btconnect.com) and ask if there is any other solution other than obtaining a further visas at £30 a time.

One problem you may have is that you already hold a valid visa so you should ask if you can apply for a further one before the current one runs out.

Good luck.


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2. Re: Visas - Urgent

Hi did you put the dates down you were traveling as they are valid from date of issue for 6 months, You may have been better getting them bit latet even in January. i posted mine to london on 13th October got them back today, they run out 20th April 2006 - which is handy as i want to go back in April,

hope you get sorted,


Barry, United...
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3. Re: Visas - Urgent

Dayman the visas are registered for 6 months from the date of issue . i agree with others it sounds as though you applied for your visas too early and need to rectify it, if you don;t want to go in person seek their advice and send relevant paperwork by special delivery including return envelope duly paid for./ You will NOT win an argument with them trust me

good luck and dont let this experience put you off Goa

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4. Re: Visas - Urgent

Just to reiterate others - this would cause a problem. You may not relish another two hours in Edinburgh but I think this is best option to sort it out. And as stated before, if you have to pay again just grin and bear it.

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5. Re: Visas - Urgent

Thanks - I just wonder hypothetically what would happen if we went without getting a new visa?

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6. Re: Visas - Urgent

You would probably have to spend the rest of your days lazing on a beach in Goa (except monsoon when you would hide under a tent) what a tough life that would be p.s. must try to win the lottery

aldershot u.k
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7. Re: Visas - Urgent

Hi I have a brother who works for one of the airlines and they will check in England that youre visa is valid for the whole of your journey.(They are liable to be fined if they let you travel without the correct visa coverage) Hope this makes your mind up.

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8. Re: Visas - Urgent

Sorry meant to say you don't have to travel to Edinburgh you can do it all by post all the best with the wedding plans and have a great honeymoon!

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9. Re: Visas - Urgent

Thanks for all your comments received email from the consulate today and they are to re submit our visa applications at no additional cost.


Watford England
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10. Re: Visas - Urgent


Considering Indian beurocracy, I think you got a result there.

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