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anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

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anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

Hi just wondering if any off you have ever flew with BA to Bombay and if so what is the flights like and are they good seats for leg space, been told 23kg in baggage is this right and are they very stricked with the weight. Thanks

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1. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

I haven't, but have heard better reports of Jet Airways - more leg room, better food. We're looking at flying with them next time instead of using the charter airlines.

If you're going to be in Goa for any length of time, all hotels have fantastic and cheap laundry services, so that might help with the weight a bit!

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2. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

Thanks once again londongoa-girl we were out last year and i did not take much at all and think with me case and clothes was only 11kg going out and 21kg back in to the uk. We have had a really hard time this year booking up in goa and all we could get is monach and with me being 6ft/4 I said there was no chance with all we have read about them so ended up with this which we booked through skybargains going out from newcastle to heathrow then bombay then goa and we are stoping at the hotel alor holiday resort in calangute which I dont know much about but all I do know is we are all done and ready to go on the 19 december for 28 nights.

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3. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

Hi Toon John

We have done the same as you're doing for our last couple of trips, Newcastle -Heathrow-Mumbai and prefer it to charter fights now. There is a bit extra leg room but not that much though.You will be able to check in online and hopefully book extra leg room seats as we did.The 23kg luggage is fine but we had to pay excess baggage for the flight down to Goa as that was only 15kg so you will have to check with the airline to see what it is as they tend to vary

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4. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

And lucky you going for 28 nights!! I'm deeply envious.

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5. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

Hi holmesabbey just read your answer and been looking on the BA web site for baggage allowance and seats and seen this on the baggage

Overweight bags effective November 2008

In accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s recommendation on the maximum weight for checked baggage, British Airways has introduced a limit of 23kg (51lbs) for any single checked bag as part of your free baggage allowance.

We understand that there are times when you will need to exceed this limit. Therefore, from November 2008, a flat fee of £25 GBP will be applied to bags weighing more than 23kg (51lbs). This charge is to cover the additional handling that bags weighing over 23kg (51lbs) can attract.

Until this charge is implemented, we will continue to accept a single piece of baggage weighing up to 32kg (70lbs) without charge.

Please note that we will not accept a bag heavier than 32kg (70lbs) as checked baggage.

Passengers with reduced mobility

We will continue to allow passengers with reduced mobility to carry 2 bags up to a total of 23kg (51lbs) on routes where the allowance is 1 bag only.

Wheelchairs will be accepted for carriage irrespective of weight. For wheelchairs that weigh over 32kg (70lbs) the passenger must notify British Airways at time of booking, or a minimum of 24 hours before departure. Battery operated wheelchairs need to be properly prepared for carriage, please contact us for further details

Exceptional items

We will not accept any items exceeding 32kg (70lbs) with the following exceptions;

musical instruments, TV news cameras and commercial spares.

If you are travelling with one of these items, it weighs between 32kg (70lbs) and 45kg (99lbs) and cannot be broken down to smaller items, it will be treated as two pieces of checked baggage.

Any items weighing more than 45kg (99lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage and will need to be transported as unaccompanied baggage. You can pre-arrange this through British Airways World Cargo.

If you are travelling with any of these items, please notify us at the time of booking, or at a minimum of 24 hours before departure.

Find out more and contact British Airways World Cargo

Loganair domestic flights

All passengers travelling in any class may take 15kg (33lbs) checked baggage.

See further information about connecting flights if applicable.

Connecting flights

You will receive the most generous allowance on connecting journeys with British Airways, where you have purchased one ticket your whole journey (a through ticket).

Where separate tickets have been purchased for a connection, the individual allowances will apply.

When checking in for a journey that involves British Airways and another carrier, the baggage policy and any associated excess baggage charges of the first international carrier will apply. If British Airways is the first carrier, and the subsequent carrier's allowance is more generous, then the most generous allowance will apply.

Which from what I pick up means you can still take up to 32kg at no extra cost and then the flight from Bombay to Goa should not cost any extra for BA was our first flight and they have given us our weight allowance, I might be wrong but this is how I get this untill November 2008

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6. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA


We have flown with BA a few times and were very satisfied. Like most airlines they are strict with weight. Last time we flew with Jet and will do so again. Good entertainment, food etc. They check your luggage right through to Mumbai where you identify it and they help you through to the domestic airport. We got duty free in Heathrow and put it into our hold luggage in Mumbai. On the way back it goes straight through which saves a lot of hassle.


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7. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

You will never fly charter again, we are fortunate that we go world traveller plus and the leg room is superb. This coming season from I think December, the old 747 Jumbo are being replaced by the new 777s. We are off in Jan for 30 nights.

Let us know which domestic airline you are using from Mumbai to Dabolim and my husband will guide you on the best way to get from the International terminal to the Domestic terminal.

Imagine getting off a plane at Dabolim, walking straight to baggage reclaim and walking straight out of the terminal and those lovely porters won't be there either!



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8. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA

Hi Pat all we have at this time is the flight which is IC0866 if this is any help to you for not to me as yet. I know the flight from newcastle to Heathrow is BA then Heathrow to Goa is BA and then just the flight number which I am not sure of as yet untill the tickets come for we only booked this on Thursday this week. Thanks John

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9. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA


We flew that route last year the mumbai goa flight was with Indian airlines very good and BA was OK. We read good reports about Jetairways so we have booked them this year to give them a try.

Far better than a charter


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10. Re: anyone flew heathrow to bombay with BA


On landing at Mumbai, it's a 5 minute walk to a fast bank of immigration processing staff. Once you have completed entry into India, turn left and follow to the appropriate baggage carousel to retrieve your cases. Grab a trolley and turning left, walk following the "TRANSIT PASSENGERS" signs.

You will probably notice a queue which you need to join as this is the queue for your bags to be x-rayed and taped with your airline's security tape for the domestic flight. Then proceed to the Indian Airlines desk, hand your bags over to the I A staff and get on the coach. (If the IA staff are not present, you need to take your bags to the transfer coach yourself then get your bags x-rayed and taped as you enter the booking-in area of the domestic terminal).

There is nothing to stop you from exiting the international terminal, hiring a taxi to get to Terminal 2. Taxis are prohibited from entering the airport's internal roads so it's a long drawn out trip through the slums that you'll see as you come into land at Mumbai, but exciting.

There are foreign exchange facilities in the international arrival terminal post immigration. Make sure you have some water with you as the coach transfer is extremely uncomfortable for us as the heat really hits you and you've guessed it, the coach's air con is for show only! When inside the domestic terminal there is a snack bar.

If in doubt ask any one at any desk they are only too pleased to help.

You are on Indian Airlines probably a very modern 737 or Airbus 319. "Veg" or "non veg" is the food offering (and it's pretty good). It can take as little as 45 minutes to get to Goa but Indian Airlines can sometimes be a little unpunctual

If any TA readers can see any errors in my post, please jump in with comments as you tend to miss the odd point when you have used this route a few times.

BA have an interactive web-site where you can see demonstrations of the cabins. www.ba.com

Finally if you are a bar-code follower, don't worry you can get treatment for it now.


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