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Oh for the love of Currency....

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Oh for the love of Currency....

Hi everyone.

I was wondering what would be the best currency to take over to Goa.

Last year when I went to Tunisia, I took £800.00 pounds worth of Euro travellers chqs. which worked out quite to my advantage as I got more Euros to the Dinar.

If I get the same £800.00 worth of euro travellers chqs to take to Goa (to exchange at the hotel)

would this be the best thing to do?

As I have just had a confusing conversation with my work collegues, One of which told me that you can obtain Rupees from a travel agent (is this so?) while my other collegue said that I should take Sterling travellers chqs instead of euro.

Could anyone let me know how you went about it?

Thanks in advance.

(Would rather take the advice of people on here, who have been to Goa, than of collegues who have never been)

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1. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

Hi there. You generally get a better rate from sterling travellers cheques. Best rate is using a cashpoint with a Nationwide FlexAccount debit card, but it may be a bit late to arrange that.

And theoretically the Indian rupee is a closed currency, which means you shouldn't take any in or out of the country, nor should there be any floating around to buy at travel agents. However, in practice this doesn't seem to be the case and there are various places you can buy rupees here. You can also change a few pounds at the airport when you arrive in Goa, but the rate's not very good, so don't change too many - a tenner or 20 quid will be plenty.

We always leave the country with some rupees to take back next time and have never been stopped. One of the customs men asked me about it once and when I said I'll just come back and spend them next year he waved me through.

Hope this is helpful.

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2. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

Cheers London-Girl :O) (very much appreciated)

Do most hotels in the Calangute area have Excanges?

(sorry if you are not sure)If not are there places I can go?


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3. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

I don't know Calangute personally, but you can normally exchange TCs in most hotels and banks. Bank rate will be slightly better, but there's not generally much in it. There's around 80 rupees to the pound at the moment.

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4. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

There are banks in Calengute and you genrally get a better rates from them than in the hotels

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5. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

Regarding the nationwide flex account i got one in 2 weeks from applying on line and just got the pin for it so it took about 3 weeks in all.

just for your information...

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6. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....


Todays (19th Oct) rates on the street in Calangute seemed from the advertised boards to vary between 80.30 and 80.50.

Rate in Centurion Bank was 80.60.

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7. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

Goasunshine, there are exchanges everywhere the hotels give the worst possible rates. Advise as previously use a Nationwide flexi card at one of the many many visa ATM's it wont cost you a penny and you get the rate of the day.

I have used the flexi card all over the world (well India Malaysia and Spain) with no problems or cost anywhere

Travellers cheques cost both ways when you buy and the rate is never as good for them than as for cash

good luck


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8. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

We always change our money at the Elephant shops.

There's a couple in Candolim, not sure about Calangute.

They give a better rate than all the hotels we've stayed at.

If you're changing travellers cheques I think you might need your passport. For cash (we always take £ notes), it's very quick, they just take your money and give you rupees.


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9. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

just beat me to it... i was just going to remind the board that a lot of the shops might give you three or four rupees more than the hotels... so dont be afraid to ask arround... doug

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10. Re: Oh for the love of Currency....

If you have no nationwide flex account, the elephant shop is usually a good place


ian ......

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