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***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

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***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Hi this is a warning to all those people who decide to have a tattoo in goa,JUST DONT DO IT!

My partner had one done in the tattooist opposite kym faas chinese restraunt,we went in and it looked clean he spoke about the equipment he used and seemed a really genuine guy,he had certificates and the place seemed clean and in order. He explained he would do a cover up over a tattoo my O/H had and no longer liked,and would tattoo it as he went along from what my O/h had said he wanted.

He went over not just the one but another but left half of the old tattoo showing ,saying he would do the rest next year when we returned,which we werent happy about,but it was the day before we were due to come home.

He went in and he started by dry shaving his arm( not sure if razor was new???The needles were clean, Then he started his artwork .

Whilst he was having it done an indian lady cleaner came in and with a dirty mop cleaned up and finished it off with a minging cloth!

When he finished at first my o/h was quite pleased, but next day you really couldnt tell what it was and now he is paying £220 a session at home to have it removed,hes on his 7th session !!!!.

But this wasnt the reason for the WARNING, we returned home,and within 2 weeks of being home he had had 4 carbuncles,which were like volcanoes on his arm ousing poison,i then had a boil and then went on to have abcesses on the back of my leg which i had 1 operation but within a few days another appeared and i was operated on again.

My partner has 4 scars on his forearm and im left with a 1 inch scar above my knee and a 3 inch scar further up my leg ,which was as wide as it was deep and finally healed in october and we came home in february!

To cap it off we were infected with staphlococus a rare form which when analised in london they said was most likely from the tattoo,as it is quite a frequent thing they see,it took 3 lots of very strong antibiotics to clear it up.


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1. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

I hope people take notice of your warning. Apart from the fact that you should really research your tattoo palour before you decide to have one, they need to be looked after and kept out of the sun for at least 3 or 4 weeks during the healing process. People also need to be aware of the temporary henna tattoos, these can cause really bad infections too especially the cheap ones done on the beach as inferior Henna is used.

Glad to hear your abcesses have cleared now it must have been a horrible thing to go through

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2. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

There was a young girl of about 14, had a henna tattoo in the beauty shop at the hotel we were staying at a couple of years ago.(Sunshine Park. Candolim) Her leg was left burned and in a right old state, she was left in tears.

The same hotels beauty shop broke the side of my foot with a foot mass. I had to sort it out at the hospital and wear a cast for a few weeks.Good job we planed to stay for a few months.

Be very carfull at these "beauty" shops, never have a tattoo it is just not worth the risk.

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3. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Personally i would have thought that Goa would be the last place to have a Tattoo---3rd world, bad hygiene!!

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4. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Regarding the tatoos done at the beach. They are not henna. Henna is brown not black. The main ingredient is hair dye. I spoke to one of the shack lads on my last holiday and he confirmed this. If you are unlucky enough to get a reaction, you may well be scarred for life. Its like a burn. Years ago they did these tatoos in Spain; many people thought they were temporary and harmless therefore kids had them done and suffered as a result.

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5. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

That is a pretty bad horror story and your advice will be much appreciated by many, and that advice should be listen to.

Don't get inked in a third world country.

Did your husband use a swiming pool after having the tattoo done - this can cause huge problems with infections and just washing the tattoo area in impure tap water could be just as bad.

After a tattoo you basically have an open wound, and even in this country you are open to infections and blood poising etc.

Tattoos are not without risk wherever in the world you have them.

Mumbai, India
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6. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

I completely Agree. A friend of mine went down there to get one, the area got infected, the tattoo was rubbish and it was a name, which the guy happened to mess up too. Will any one be heading out there this new years ?

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7. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Zoolouzoo, if you've got receipts for the botched up Tatoo, you could get reimbursements 4 ur treatments + compensation via filing a complaint at http://www.goagrahak.nic.in/aboutus.htm


BTW the b'ful temporary Henna on hands, arms (as Madonna's) etc if done by natural powdered henna leaves is perfectly safe, even good for skin,

but obviously not the chemical variety, inc those used as chemicalized hair dye (natural Henna can also be v safely used as hair dye, 4 streaks, & good 4 hair health)


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Redditch, United...
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8. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Thanks for all your replies,especially SunjayJK,unfortunately we havnt got reciepts,just the horrible scars in the mind and the body.My partner has had tattoos from a youngish age and kept going back in to check the place out taking me to try and reasure me,and was addament to get it done.But we all live and learn,except we did it the hard way!

Finally no he didnt go in the sea or pool on the last day and kept it covered and out of the sun but obviously had showers so maybe this could of been a factor???

Thankfully after that and having major back problems,being in and out of hospital,we are looking forward to going back to goa in february,it hasnt put us off as we love it there,but no more tattoos!!!!

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9. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Its depressing to see the same old cliches....'it looked really clean inside'....'there were certificates on the walls'

Are there still people who think 'well thats all right then'.

DONT get tattoes done in resorts like Goa.

To be honest, its a bit naff to get a tattoo done anywhere on anything, period. Loved the newspaper report of a few weeks ago that had the latin Beckhamesque tatts smeared all over various celebs translated into English, only to reveal complete gibberish. Still, ladies, if you must have asian patterns scrawled just above your bum, or guys feel the rather juvenile need to express undying support for Chelsea FC or whatever, then do it in the UK, or ideally not at all.

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10. Re: ***** Warning******Tattoos,Dont Do It In Goa

Lets not turn this into a thread that insults people that like tattoos - I found a beautiful artwork of a green leaf ganesh in goa and had it done as a back piece when I got home so no not all tattoos are naff. The stuff you see in tattoo magazines is out of this world. SOmebody asked me at tattoo convention if they couold take a picture of my ganesh as they though he was stunning.

I admit there are a lot of tacky tatoos out there but there some incredible ones too.

But yes I would never get one done abroad - unless I was in miami and then I would call in on the miami ink boys :-)