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visa came back today no go

luton bedfordshire
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visa came back today no go

other half on his way to hayes now, as i have a non uk passport ie Irish, they want utillity bill for proof of residency in this country i have lived here since i was 6 an am now 49, going on 100, i am supposed to fly 28th carnt see it i am never doing this again I HAVE BEEN IN TEARS SINCE POST CAME I FEEL SICK

Greater London...
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1. Re: visa came back today no go

Would it not be better to go to the nearest visa office rather than the travel agent/

Good luck !

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2. Re: visa came back today no go

I had similar fears when they returned my passport because they wanted a letter from my employer to state that I, a church musician, would not working in Goa! I was annoyed after 11 previous trips without incident. However having sorted this and reposted it all came back within a week. Admittedly the visa was only 3 month and single entry but at least I could go.

I wish the same relief for you


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3. Re: visa came back today no go

Oh Buncy, I feel so awful for you.

What a dreadful thing to happen.

Did you ring VFS before your husband set off?

Did they say they could sort this out pretty quickly for you?

BUT - look on the bright side, it's nearly 2 weeks before you fly so I don't think everything is lost just yet.

julie798 - HAYES is the place where VFS Global is located. That's where postal Indian visas are processed.

It's not HAYS Travel. LOL

luton bedfordshire
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4. Re: visa came back today no go

not useing travel agent he has gone to the visa office dont understand there problen i will never do this again

Epsom, Surrey
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5. Re: visa came back today no go

Don't worry I had the same problem last year, in spite of having an Indian Visa for the previous year. I too have an Irish passport. I sent a letter from my employer stating that I had been resident in the country all my life and the visa turned up in a couple of days.Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

Cheers Steve

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6. Re: visa came back today no go

Don't let it put you off going to Goa Buncy.... if your OH is on his way to the office with your letter you should get your visa no problem... just think, you'll be on a beach in a couple of weeks and you'll be wondering why you were stressing so much :-)

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7. Re: visa came back today no go

Have faith buncy, it will all sort itself out.

Felixstowe, United...
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8. Re: visa came back today no go

What a horrible thing to happen , i would feel just the same.BUT all is not lost i am sure, as P P cat says you have two weeks before you fly, and this is long enough for this to be sorted out, so try not to get in to much of a state(yes i would be in a state to, most of us would).

Please let us know how your O H gets on at Hayes.Best wishes

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9. Re: visa came back today no go

Dont worry i send a water rates bill to prove OH lives in the UK, he also has an irish passport, never had a problem, other than that they ask for £10 extra if you dont have proof,We do this every year so dont panic it will be fine.:)) Gel

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10. Re: visa came back today no go

Try not to worry Buncy - they seem to be working pretty swiftly at the moment and I truly think that now your OH is on his way to sort it, it will be taken care of in no time - I must admit I picked up mine from the post office yesterday and i was almost shaking opening the envelope in case there was anything wrong!

At least once we have all done it once and finally got visas, we will know what to do straight away if ever want one again - it is a horrible process really though as you would think that because they have taken phone numbers they would ring you if there was a problem buy they don't appear to bother. So you have no idea what to think until you actually hold the thing in your hands!!!