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Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Villaricos, Spain
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Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights


I promised that I would give an update on the Kingfisher flight IT008 from LHR to BOM, and the connection from BOM to GOI. I’ve had lots of probs getting my internet ‘Dongle’ re-connected, so haven’t been able to do it before now. Sorry.

Our booking was for depart 20.30 from LHR on 4th Nov (flight IT-8) to arrive at BOM at 11.00 on 5th Nov, then dep 12.50 from BOM to arr GOI at 13.50 (flight IT-512). This is only 1hr 50 mins between flights/terminals and many people had expressed a worry over this.

In fact, it was OK, and if you speak to the K/F staff and tell them that you are on a swift trf, they will overtake the queue and rush you on. Yeah, it’s a bit tight, but do-able, and we would rather get to the destination earlier that hang around for hours. It’s a choice that you have to make for yourself.

We arrived at the check-in at LHR about 4 hours pre-flight to get in the queue early to try and get some leg room seats for me, as I am tall with long legs, and you cannot web pre-book these seats. They said at first that it was not poss, but after some discussion, and a chat with supervisor, they got me an emergency exit legroom seat. However, they placed my wife and daughter on the other side of the plane – no probs, as long as they were together. I tend to sleep anyway.

The flight take-off was delayed by approx 25 mins, which worried us re the trf at BOM, however we had a good tail wind (no, not me personally!!), and we in fact landed approx 20 mins early! The flight was good, the cabin staff courteous and efficient, but, they were not as ‘Smiley’ and ‘Jolly’ as on our flight home in April.

We came off at BOM, no delays at passport control, no queues as such, and plenty of desks. Then the loo, then on to collect our luggage. I then discovered that the wheels on my suitcase had been broken during the flight! I reported this, and then had to fill out forms, and give lots of details etc, which further delayed us. He promised to get someone to collect my case within a few days to repair it. We then got to the transfer desk, now at the back of the queue, to re-check our luggage and get the bus to the domestic terminal. I spoke to the staff, and they ushered us forward. We got the bus, went thro’ the scan and the queue again, and got to our Gate on time, 30 mins before the scheduled take-off. Great!! However, the flight was delayed by approx 50 mins. Oh well, sod’s law I guess. The flight to GOI is sched as 1 hour, but only took 40/45 mins.

So, no probs to report with these flights.

On arr at GOI, a guy came up to me and knew my name! He was from K/F and had been called ahead, and wanted to take my suitcase off for repair! I said no, that it had been arranged that they would collect it from my house in Candolim the next day. He insisted, and said that he had another case that I could trf my belongings into. I politely declined, as I did not wish to be packing and unpacking my things into a dirty old suitcase (it was) in the middle of the airport. He said that if he took it now he could get it to the repairer straight away, I said that I’m here for six months, so what’s the rush! After a phone call he agreed to collect it from my house.

We got a pre-paid taxi from the airport (much easier), and stopped off at the Elephant Shop in Candolim on the way to our house, to pick up some water, and to top-up the phone. They were please to see us again. That’s nice. Whilst there, I got a call from the K/F suitcase repair man to say that he was now in Candolim, and could he pick up the case for repair please!!!! He must have overtaken us on the road – LOL! I explained that we were not even home yet, and def not unpacked, but I would call him. We got to the house, I quickly unpacked, called him, and he took the case. Unbelievable!! He promised that he would call in a couple of days, but he still hasn’t 9 days later. Only in India………………

I hope that the K/F info helps.

Villaricos, Spain
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1. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Forgot to say, the staff on the second flight - BOM to GOI - were EXTREMELY sunny, smiling, and happy. Very pleasant!!

Worthing, United...
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2. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Thanks Bluesmania,

We are doing the same route and airline as You next Feb. You've put my mind at rest. I'll just remember that should our suitcase get damaged I'll repair it myself with tape.

Cheers Steve

Mumbai, India
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3. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Good to know, thanks.

London, United...
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4. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Thanks for that Blues, Hope you get your 'Dongle' sorted :-))

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5. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Hi Bluesmania

What was the problem with the dongle???? Lack of use ! ! ! !

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6. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Not travelling with KF but enjoyed reading your report. You should have asked the suitcase repair man to give you a lift and saved on the taxi fare lol.

Villaricos, Spain
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2,139 posts
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7. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Bruahy - you're def getting worse, what with the 'Russian Ladies' earlier, and all! LOL!!!

Gemma - yeah, he could have dropped us off. And, the form that they gave me does not have a tel contact no on it..............................................

Leigh-on Sea...
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8. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

hi Blues

glad to know your flights with K/F were good, wonder why they weren't so 'jolly' and 'smiley' this time!! we went via Bangalore last january and via Mumbai on way home, but this time doing Mumbai both ways. we leave on 9th december so will be in Candolim on the 10th, can't wait to be back again for 6 weeks.

might see you at a gig if you could let me know where your playing.

regards, runtiger112

Suffolk, UK
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9. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Great report Blues thank you. Just one more question - what is the choice of food like? Neither of us eat spicy food .... I know ....unbelievable that we are going to Goa> Love the country, the people, the climate and most things apart from the food lol...

If it's all indian food on the flight we will stock up at Heathrow.

Manchester, United...
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10. Re: Report on Kingfisher/Mumbai Transfers & Flights

Great report Bluesmania, and I think it will put some minds at rest now. How good was the suitcase repair man, talk about being given a job to do! think he was only told to collect it and not to deliver it back, you know what they're like for following instructions. Pleased you got your dongle sort out anyway.