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New English 5/10 pound note

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New English 5/10 pound note

Just wondered if Egyptian shopkeeper s and taxi driver accept the new English 5/10 pound notes thanks

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21. Re: New English 5/10 pound note

I really don't disagree with you on what currency to use. It all started with my answer being dismissed as bad... I never told the OP what to do, I simply just answered the question.

I don't care what currency people use and if they want to pay 30LE more for a coffee then let them - I'm sure they can do the math and see that if a coffee cost 10LE and the pay with 2 Euro they paid too much.

But why didn't the waiter offer them any change? The same with the lady with the water?

We were told we could pay in English, but that he could only give us our change in LE. I guess it depends on the person/place

Oh well, never just answer a simple question with a simple answer... Lesson learned - still a little new here.


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22. Re: New English 5/10 pound note

I am surprised that any shopkeeper would accept a British 5 or 10 pound note, let alone a 1 pound coin. Most shops would not, unless in tourist areas frequented by Brits.

But I am surprised that people would still want to pay in foreign currency when abroad.

And I am astonished that any one would have the audacity to try and buy a bottle of water from a shop in Egypt with a British one pound coin ! From which planet are they from ? Would one be able to buy a bottle of water from WHS Smith or Tesco Express with one Euro, one Swiss franc or even one US dollar ??

And then to complain about not getting value for money afterwards ??

I don't even know why we are having this conversation here it sounds so ridiculous !

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23. Re: New English 5/10 pound note

Jennifer I am not disagreeing with you nor am I pointing fingers.

Logic here in Egypt and a r7le of thumb.

Always use Egyptian Money no matter the argument or cause a local will give you.

Why was no change given for Coffee and Water?

Again walk in the shop pick up water how much is this?

Shopkeeper that's £1 in Sterling and people pay. How much is this Coffee? €2 people pay.

No change given as that is the way it is for water coffee etc.

Sure you can pay in shop and get change in Egyptian. Again another Scam as the Shopkeeper will always give a make believe rate in their head and gain a little more from you.

There really are so many ploys to get you to part with money.

Prices are very cheap in shops and always stick to Egyptian Money. Water really is around 3.5LE a bottle no matter where you purchase it obviously some tourist area shops will try it on.

Taxis are another 1 and do not pay hard currency they will quote dollars or pounds just say only Egyptian then they say no ok then just use another company.

I really have seen A lot of crazy made up exchange rates in Shopkeepers heads.

The thing that is difficult that Europeans being charged €2 for a coffee does not help when they are used to paying that back home.

Same with a £ for water.

Again they are cheaper here in local money.

It is difficult at first to convince people and as I live here now I pay LE and no one asks me anymore.

A case of swings and roundabouts though.

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24. Re: New English 5/10 pound note


You ended up saying "A case of swings and roundabouts though." But you overlooked telling what we might be charged for a case of swings & roundabouts (in any currency.)



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