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VivaColombia Airlines Review

Owatonna, Minnesota
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VivaColombia Airlines Review

Some time ago there was discussion regarding this new low cost airline and I had offered to give my opinion regarding it once I had flown with it. Here is my informal review of VivaColombia airlines.

I took three flights with Viva Colombia during my two week vacation here in Colombia. I flew round trip between Medellin and Bogota and then from Medellin to Pereira. My conclusion is that this airline is a good and economical travel option as long as you build a little bit of flexibility into your plans to accomodate any potential delays (which would apply to any airline). Here are a few observations that you might find helpful:

1. In Medellin the Viva Colombia check in counter was located on the international side of the terminal but I still went through security and boarded the flight normally on the national side of the terminal.

2. In Bogota the Viva Colombia check in counter was in the main terminal and not in the Puente Aereo. I arrived early and none of the check in counters were listed for Viva Colombia. I had to ask where the check in line was because at the time it was listed for another airline until closer to my flight time.

3. There are no assigned seats on VivaColombia. You choose your own seat from whichever ones are available at the time you board the aircraft.

4. There are no free drinks or snacks on VivaColombia. The flight attendants will come through and offer them for sale, however.

5. The aircraft are Airbus A320 jet aircraft with a single aisle and three seats on each side.

In summary, the key to taking advantage of this airline's low cost airfare is flexibility. If something seems confusing at first about where you are supposed to be then just be comfortable asking questions. I had to ask where to check in both in Medellin (because it turned out to be on the international end of the terminal) and in Bogota (because it used a shared counter rather than its own, exclusive, permanent one). Other than that, as usual with flying it is best not to plan your itinerary too tightly. VivaColombia is not an exception and do not plan an itinerary that cannot absorb delays.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please ask!

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1. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

Hi. thanks for your review. I am thinking of flying this airline next week. Just wondering if you experienced any delays for your flights, and how the airline dealt with the delay, if any? Thanks again.

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2. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

Call me a big Jessie but what I don't like about them (never flown them) is that they are a brand new airline and not all of their airplanes bear the same livery. I saw two planes parked up at Rionegro, one of them was all white, the other was half blue.

Yeah I know paint is not integral to the safety of a flight but it looks cheap and unprofessional to me, I just wonder what else they have cheaped out on or been unprofessional about

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3. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

Why I won’t fly VivaColombia airlines again:

The company –

Well, they advertise an amazingly low fare of just 29.900 pesos, or about $15. But, then you must add fuel surcharges, and mandatory insurance, and other items I didn’t understand but was obliged to buy. By the time I paid, it had gotten up to 98,000. That’s if you have more than 22 pounds of belongings, including your jacket.

But… when I got to the airport to check in for my 98,000 peso ticket, they had no record of the reservation, so I had to buy a new ticket… for 188,000 pesos, about 6 times the advertised fare!

The boarding process was not organized at all, and other passengers just pushed to the front of the line as the airline staff watched.

The passengers -

I know I’m spoiled, but many of the passengers seemed to be on their very first flight taking pictures and seeming confused about everything. Throughout the flight, they took pictures of each other, perhaps to be captioned, “Look! I flew on a real airplane!” I was surrounded by smoochers. I’m in favor of love and affection, but how about a little discretion?

The plane –

The new Airbus 320 was just fine and in good condition. But, just how many seats can they jam into a plane like this? Forget any semblance of comfort.

So, that’s my last flight on Viva Colombia airlines.

Medellin, Colombia
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4. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

Before flying them check the Avianca prices, when you compare apples to apples many times very close.

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5. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

Thanks, I was looking for an airline to get around once I am in the country.

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6. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

In the end I flew Avianca, as they had special fares available for the dates I was travelling. No complaints about the flights at all - departed on time, decent service. So yes, it would be useful to check the airline's website before making any bookings.

Medellin, Colombia
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7. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

I flew on Vivacolombia from Medellín to Cartagena roundtrip for an amazingly low price, a lot cheaper than going in a bus. The service was very good and on time. I chose the lowest fare which has no bells and whistles at all: one of the limitations was a 10-pound restriction that can be split on two luggage pieces: the carry-on and the luggage piece. Another restriction is that the carry-on needs to fit the standard carry-on size. There is no free food in the plane. You pay for it at a high price. If you want further benefits such as the ability to carry heavier luggage then the price goes up in price. You can book your flight online at www.vivacolombia.co (not the .com one) and when you book a flight it defaults to having insurance, which is an extra charge, but you can turn that check mark off, but every time you make a change it will default to it again and you will need to turn it off again.



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Bogota, Colombia
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8. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

>>I flew on Vivacolombia from Medellín to Cartagena roundtrip for an amazingly low price, a lot cheaper than going in a bus<<

What was your cop cost...was it a promo or reg fare?

>>one of the limitations was a 10-pound restriction that can be split on two luggage pieces: the carry-on and the luggage piece. Another restriction is that the carry-on needs to fit the standard carry-on size<<

Sorry I'm a little confused re:luggage weight limitations; one basic carry- on could equal - 5lbs. sans clothes, assuming you're allowed 2 that could be = 10lbs. without clothes?

Gracias for any further details

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Pereira, Colombia
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9. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

Flew Viva Colombia from Pereira to Cartagena. Their Airbus 320 were brand new and clean. Not enough seats for more than half the passengers in the lounge. Chaotic boarding with people elbowing and running toward the plane on the tarmac as there are no pre-assigned seats. Their webpage is undoubtedly the slowest I have ever encountered. Check-in at the airport was primitive: no computers, but agents working off printed lists. Please somebody buy this airline a computer!!! Booking is very painful and all the nickle and dime games they play with baggage, food, priority check-in, etc. is totally puerile. If you want a relatively cheap flight in a new airplane but with lots of ridiculous games prior to the flight, go for Viva Colombia.

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Bogota, Colombia
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10. Re: VivaColombia Airlines Review

JamesG,spot on VivaColombia review;I couldn´t have said it better

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