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Car rental in Pristina with travel to Balkans


My friend and I hope to start our trip to the Balkans in Pristina (in Sept 2018), renting a car and traveling through Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia, before returning to Pristina. We are finding it challenging to find a car rental company which will allow us to do this for a reasonable price. One company for example increased their price from ~20 Euro/day to ~60 Euro/day when we made the request. Any advice? I've written to all the major companies (at least those for whom I can find email contact addresses) but figured that the members of this forum might have accurate info as well. Also, were there any unexpected issues you ran into renting a car in Pristina and traveling outside of Kosovo with it? (Of note, I know that traveling into Serbia can be a challenge from Kosovo so plan to avoid it).

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can share,