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Slippery rocks question

Stuart, Florida
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Slippery rocks question

My wife has always wanted to go to the Galapagos. Fine with me. She was talking to a friend who slipped on some rocks getting from a small boat onto an island. Now my wife is panicked that it could happen to her. It seems to me that there must be something rather than rocks in many situations, Comments and advice ? Thanks..

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La Grange, Texas
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1. Re: Slippery rocks question

It depends on the island. You can watch Youtube videos about each of them. The vast majority of islands are accessed by small, flat bottomed inflatable boats (pangas.) The landings range from beaching on the sand and hopping over the side into ankle deep water, to stepping off onto a cement ledge poured on the rocks, to an actual small pier with steps. If you are taking a cruise, getting back on the boat can be a bit challenging as well, as you're stepping from a rocking panga to a rocking boat. The staff on our cruise took good care to provide us all with a sturdy grip when transitioning from one location to another.

If she has mobility issues in general, it's good to be aware of what the conditions are. If she doesn't, and is just a worrier in general, I'd say the rocks were no worse than some European cobble stones I've seen.

r c
Portland, Oregon
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2. Re: Slippery rocks question


not sure what you are NOT saying about your wife.

but the cruise i did and the places we went to, it varied. I would say "most" of the landings were wet and on the beach. there was if i remember, 1 dock, and 2 rock.

The rocks varied. But in the dock/rock landings even in harbor, there was a person on the rock/dock to assist you and in the reverse stepping into the boat, the dingy driver assisted to get you into the dingy.

thers is an old? saying...." a turtle doesnt get anywhere without sticking its neck out"

and for what its worth, there was a person that tripped getting out of the dingy on a beach landing. And an older gentleman fell into the dingy while moving from the boat do the dingy. but the ocean was rougher at that moment.

Im not going say nothing will happen since no one can. But to me, the rewards out-weighted the risks.

for what its worth, i was seasick when the ship moved from stop to stop. I would do it again and probably will too.

last comment. If your wife wants, she can go and get into the dingy. If the landing doesnt look like shes comfortable doing it, she can go back to the ship. And the crew/passengers i was with, no one force, prodded or pushed anyone to do anythng they didnt want to do.

good luck

Ottawa, Canada
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3. Re: Slippery rocks question

Dear P,

every year, about 72,000 people embark on an expedition cruise - many in the 70's and some beyond. Sure, accidents can happen - but it is certainly not the rule. Just be careful. Crew is there to help embark / disembark.

warmest regards,

Heather Blenkiron

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4. Re: Slippery rocks question

Beluga in Galapagas has hikes with too many dangerous high risk of falling even for in shape people. The guide Frank always in a huge hurry on all excursions. Getting in and out of the zodiac is very difficult. I fell on the volcanic rocks and twisted ankle. It was too rushed and not enjoyable. Beluga is an older, meals are always cold as they just set the food on the table and not kept warm, all deserts were Equadorian and terrible tasting. I did not book this Beluga trip but a family member did. Please don't book BELUGA yacht. It's too expensive and too many negatives...

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5. Re: Slippery rocks question

The rocks are too dangerous and hikes on rocks last 2 to 3 hours!! Getting out of dingy and to go up the stairs to boat is difficult..trust me not good...zodiaks have broken straps to hold on to which they can't even repair....ypu are expected to board the dingy and do the wet landing ls and dry in seconds....wish I had never gone on Beluga!!!!

Essen, Germany
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6. Re: Slippery rocks question

Hello pat r,

sorry to hear you fell and hurt your ankle. But this is not representative of all the other cruise ships or day tour yachts. And although it is a pity that you did not like the cruise - complaining that the desserts were Ecuadorian when you are in Ecuador is pretty inappropriate in my opinion. If I travel, I want to experience local food, this is part of the adventure.

Happy travels to everyone!

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