COVID stats in Galapagos

We’re back to Florida from a great trip Dec. 16-Jan. 4 with 11N in the Galapagos.

I wrote a post in the Ecuador forum, which contained the following specifics on COVID IN GALAPAGOS:

While we were there, omicron started breaking out. Our ship started taking our temperatures each morning; did not allow us to dawdle or shop while in ports; maintained masks throughout outdoor activities.

The best source I can find for cases specifically in Galapagos is the Governing Council’s Facebook site. Through Jan. 8, they've had 2757 cases total, including 436 the week of Jan. 2, mostly in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. The week of 12/26 there were 47 cases; the week of 12/19 there were 11 cases.

In total, Santa Cruz has had 1599 cases (265 or 16.6% in the past 3 weeks); San Crisobal has had 744 (224 or 30% in the past 3 weeks); Isabela has had 370 (5 or 1.5% in the past 3 weeks). There is no one hospitalized in the most current stats.

This is available via the photos of the infographic of weekly counts. Consejo de Gobierno de Galápagos | Facebook