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grand majestic yacht

Irvine, California
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grand majestic yacht

Have anybody done a cruise on this yacht and can give a review?it is new from 2018 and I did not find any reviews on internet. Thanks

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New Jersey
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1. Re: grand majestic yacht

I’ve been searching for reviews as well but can’t find any. I booked the Granc Majestic for a trip in late June.

Quito, Ecuador
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2. Re: grand majestic yacht

It is a fairly new boat. We have some upcoming bookings. The operator is quite reliable so you should have no issues.

Oxford, United...
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3. Re: grand majestic yacht

We got back a week ago having spent 8 days on the grand majestic. It was an incredible week on a beautiful, smooth, clean luxurious boat. The crew were fantastic and the guide was brilliant. We took a chance and it paid off. We did the 8day itinerary B. We thoroughly recommend the yacht and will try and find a way to start a review page

Los Angeles...
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4. Re: grand majestic yacht

I am going to be doing this same trip leaving a week from now! I would love to hear about your experiences, how is the weather currently? Anything you wish you had brought that you didnt? And I have a random question... does the boat offer laundry services?

Portland, Oregon
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5. Re: grand majestic yacht

We would love to hear more about this boat too! We have a trip booked in late June and I was wondering about things like food quality (I have to eat gluten-free - hoping they can handle that?) and whether their activities work for a range of physical capabilities (we have energetic kids who can handle anything and grandparents who will be a bit more limited in speed/endurance). Any info about what to bring and/or expect is much appreciated. Looking forward to our adventure!

Tucson, Arizona
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6. Re: grand majestic yacht

I hope everyone looking for reviews of this boat will write up a comprehensive report after their trip. See the boat reviews under the Top Questions for ideas of the most useful information.

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7. Re: grand majestic yacht

We returned from 8 day cruise B last week. The boat is great. Looks very smart, plenty of space, good size cabins that are nicely furnished. Food was excellent, albeit far too much of it! The guide for our trip was Tommy Acosta. He's a freelance so I don't know if they have regular guides or just rotate them. He was fine, though guiding when snorkelling was a bit haphazard in terms of knowing where he was and what he was trying to show us. On our cruise, sadly one passenger died by being swept off his feet on a beach,which is nothing to do with the ship of course. As the ship is the fastest in the Galapagos, there was no point asking for help as we were it! I would caution people thinking about a Galapagos cruise to reflect upon their health, ability etc. as there is very little chance of help in a medical emergency and the boats (with the possible exception of the larger ones) seems to carry very few medical supplies.

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8. Re: grand majestic yacht

What??!! How did this happen? How could this tragedy have been avoided??? Did he get swept away while snorkeling due to currents? Which beach was this?

Los Angeles...
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9. Re: grand majestic yacht

Hi Martin!

I too was a passenger on the Grand Majestic on the week when very tragically, one of our fellow passengers drowned. These small ship cruises don't entirely inform you about how challenging some of the locations and activities can be, even walking along one of the shores proved to be very dangerous. Our week in the Galapagos had some choppy seas and swells on the beaches (I heard that it was because of the full moon, but the conditions varied quite a bit from one day to the next and from beach to beach). At times the deep-water snorkeling and even disembarking the boats at the shore was nerve-wracking, despite being a very good swimmer. In some places I snorkeled in a life jacket just to feel more safe in case the conditions became bad. Make sure you're wearing a life jacket and wearing it correctly if you're a less able swimmer or person with limited mobility near the water.

My advice to anyone doing a small ship cruise in the Galapagos is the same as Martin's. Evaluate your level of health and ability. These trips have you out of range of cellular service, sometimes out in the very hot sun, occasionally out to be eaten alive by mosquitos, and hiking across rough terrain, snorkeling in deep ocean, and embarking and disembarking from dinghy boats sometimes in very choppy water. The boat and rooms are very nice, so if your health or mobility is limited you can always stay behind and enjoy the view from the yacht (and even the selection of movies in your room). If your trip is like ours, you will have only one English speaking guide, who will be responsible for your and 15 other people's entertainment, education, and safety. The other staff was helpful and did their jobs very well (operating the ship and hospitality), but they did not speak much English. It helps to know as much Spanish as you can learn before the trip, because it will really help you communicate with the boat staff and anyone else you interact with in the Galapagos. I am not sure if anyone was trained in medical first response or CPR. We did have a life boat drill on the first day, but that related only to an incident that would necessitate abandoning ship.

The itinerary was good (we did the 8day/7 night itinerary B), and some locations were incredible and some were honestly a bit dull. I wish I had saved on my computer or printed out the detailed itinerary, because once we were out of range of cellular/data, there was no way to look up pictures and info about the places we were going to visit. There is a map on board, but nowhere does it tell you exactly what each of those places looks like and what wildlife to expect. Being a photographer, I wish I knew what each place would be like in advance, so I knew what camera lenses to bring (wide for panoramic landscapes vs long lens for shooting wildlife. The rest of the passengers on our boat were shooting with iphones, so I seemed to be the only person with this concern.

The Grand Majestic boat and everything about it was very nice. The food was excellent, and served buffet style so you can choose what you want to eat and how much of it. There were something like 5 meals a day; breakfast, morning snack, lunch, dessert, afternoon snack, dinner, dessert! There was usually a meat option and fish option for the main courses, which worked for me as a pescetarian. I think being gluten-free would be easy, (although you might want to learn how to ask if things are gluten free in Spanish so you can ask the chef directly). Bring some of your own beer, liquor and wine if you want to save some money on the prices of drinks on board.

The room has Apple Tv with hundreds of movies. The bathroom has a hairdryer and all you need for the week worth of L'Occitane soaps and shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Bring a good book, the on board library is a little limited.There are plenty of wetsuits, fins and masks/snorkels in a variety of sizes, so no need to bring your own. There is no laundry service, but your bathroom has a big shower with a clothesline and sink with a stopper so you can hand wash some clothes and hang them to dry (things dry great on the top deck).

Bring sunblock, bug spray, and polarized-lens sunglasses (to cut down on reflections to help you see creatures in the water on dinghy rides). Bring a GoPro or other semi-decent underwater camera! My GoPro 7 leaked on the last snorkel so be careful with whatever you bring that it's water-sealed correctly . You will get amazing shots of sea lions playing, dolphins, penguins, iguanas and turtles underwater.

Singapore, Singapore
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10. Re: grand majestic yacht

Can anyone advise on the cabin configuration. How many twin beds cabin do they have?

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