Please help with 2 week Japan itinerary!!!

Hi! My husband myself and our 15yr old daughter are hoping to travel to Japan around September for approx 2 weeks (could be slightly longer). We are hoping to fly into Tokyo and out of Osaka. We want to experience the big cities but also rural Japanese life, we could only manage but cities for short stints as we find we get a bit overwhelmed! We want to ? Disneyland or Disney sea (not essential though), see a sumo match, stay in a temple, see some temples, have a tea making experience and definitely see Hiroshima. We are thinking Kyoto and Nara. Don’t know whether to go straight down east coast to Hiroshima or go west via the Japanese alps. We want to make the most of our time but don’t want to feel too rushed or stay somewhere different every night. Recommendations most welcome!!! Ps we will get a JR rail pass.