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How much will i spend??

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How much will i spend??

Hello, I'm travelling around Japan the second half of September I've already got my jrpass and paid for my hotels, and I've got everything I need ie essentials.

My budget was to change about £900 into yen so would be something like ¥130000, would this be enough to support me for 14 days buying food and drinks throughout the day, most of the hotels have breakfast Inc so I'm saving a small amount there,

Other than the food and drink I was going to use that money for attractions ie, Disney, universal, robot restaurant you know that sort of thing, would it be best to buy tickets online for these things and take less money or exchange the 900 and pay on the door at these attractions?


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1. Re: How much will i spend??

The 130,000 yen would cover the costs for food and drinks, as you can see in the following site, but then it depends on how much you spend further for attractions: only you can calculate this.


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2. Re: How much will i spend??

Thanks for the quick reply,

I'm traveling solo so won't be going for many romantic meals in expensive restaurants but may treat myself to a nice place somewhere on the way,

I have things planned basically every day, the most expensive being universal with a fast pass, but the rest from what I've read are relitivly cheap, like entrance to some temples and towers 🗼, and no doubt some souvenirs along the way

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3. Re: How much will i spend??

It all depends what kind of person you are and what type of food you want to eat... but if you are not too picky I think that amount should be fine. Food in Japan is surprisingly affordable and varied, so one night you can splurge and next day you can go cheap with convenience bento (still yummy!) or a bowl of noodles.

Then again, if you have to have drinks (ie. alcohol) with every meal and if you are a big coffee drinker, that could get more expensive. Most restaurant won't offer free refill of coffee and most cups are tiny. We have to order multiple cups to get our morning fix when we are in Japan. : )

The only thing you may want to check out is the cost of transportation. Each subway or bus ride will cost 200-300 yen or so, so if you visit multiple sites in a day you could easily spend 1000-1500 yen or so just for the transportation and that will be a pretty descent lunch or dinner.

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4. Re: How much will i spend??

I see, I was relying on the Jr pass to mostly travel, even intercity,

I'm in Tokyo for 6 days in Tokyo so I've split up my days into areas

Example : Monday - Shinjuku/shibuya

Tuesday : minato-chuo

Etc etc so I didn't really budget anything on extra transport.

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5. Re: How much will i spend??

Buy your tickets to USJ, Disney, Robot or any other attractions you can pre-purchase beforehand if you can. I use klook dot com to purchase my tickets for attractions.

I'm checking daily throughout the day for tickets to the Digital Art Museum in Odaiba during the days I'm in Tokyo. https://borderless.teamlab.art/ Really hard to get and need to plan in advance.

Paying for the big expenses prior to trip helps me manage the smaller things like food and misc transportation when using non-JR trains. Don't rely on using your JR Pass to get you everywhere if you value your time. But if you are watching your budget, I guess you can use your JR Pass for most of the places using JR Pass and walking some to get you places. But there are just some places you need to use subway. Just get a Suica/Pasmo and put in 2,000yen. You can use it for non-JR transportation, some vending machines, some luggage coin lockers and convenience stores.

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6. Re: How much will i spend??

You should provide your whole itinerary.

Local transportation is a mix of JR, municipal subway and bus, and private lines. Often the municipal and private lines are more convenient than JR. Even with a JR Pass, you should not be a slave to it but use your IC travel card to best effect. You should put a priority on time and convenience and not let a tool (the JR Pass) dictate the actions of the craftsman (you).

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