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Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

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Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

I have to make decision for the hotel for our 11 night stay in Kyoto. Most likely we will be in Kyoto for 5-6 days and go for day trips for 4-5 days. Is better to pick a hotel near the station (Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Hachijoguchi) or one in the Teramachi Shopping Arcade area (Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo) ?

Based on what I read it seems that using the subway for getting to/from Grocery takes a while with a transfer and that a taxi is quite expensive ($15-$20). On the other hand for the day trips being close to the station is more convenient.

How is the area near the station and is it easy enough to do sightseeing in Kyoto from there? Thanks in a advance.

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1. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

Hotels in the JR Kyoto Station area and in the Central Kyoto Area (close to the Hankyu Kawaramachi Station and Subway Tozai Line Sanjo-Keihan Station and Keihan Railway's Sanjo Station) are the 2 main areas to consider. But, if you have many days to stay in Kyoto, I personally recommend to stay at a hotel in the Central Kyoto Area, which is close to the historic Gion and Pontocho area, and there is many restaurants and bars to enjoy the night life in Kyoto, and also close to modern shopping areas in Shijo-Dori (4th Street) and Kawaramachi.

If the hotel is close to Sanjo(3rd Street) Station of the Keihan Railway, it is easy to visit Fushimi Inari (from its Fushimi Inari station), Sanjusangendo Temple (from its Shichijo (7th Street) Station), and Kiyomizu-dera Temple (from its Gojo(5th Street)-Kiyomizu Station), and it's easy to go to Nijo Castle by taking the Subway Tozai Line from its Sanjo(3rd Street)-Keihan to Nijo Jo Mae (Nijo Castle Front) Station. And if the hotel is close to the Hankyu Railway's Kawaramachi Station, it is easy to go to Arashiyama by taking the Hankyu to Katsura, transferring to Hankyu's Arashiyama Line, and also to go to Osaka by taking the Hankyu's Kyoto Line to its Umeda Terminal in Osaka.

Here is my article for where to stay in Kyoto.


Here is another good article about hotels in Kyoto.


Here is my article about how to move in Kyoto.


I recommend to combine the local JR, non-JR trains and Subways with a short rides of Taxi (@1,000 yen) in Kyoto.

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2. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

I really like staying near the station, partly for day trips, partly for the concentration of shops, restaurants and a good place for back massages. I also like wandering around the area north (?) of the station where there is an interesting temple complex and a garden.

Staying near the station makes it easy to get to various parts of Kyoto and for day trips like Nara, Osaka and Himeji.

I have stayed at hotels near the older section of Kyoto and while the immediate neighbourhood is prettier (and I do like the river) it just is less easy to sightsee out of that area.

But the balance is different for each person.

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3. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

Thanks so much for the extremely helpful and quick reply, Mabei0123. I wish I would have had these links sooner... I also appreciate the comments re. pluses of staying near the station.

Could someone tell me if the location of the Teramachi Shopping Arcade area (where the Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo is) belongs to Central Kyoto Area? Thanks.

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4. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

Yes, the Teramachi Arcade is in the central Kyoto area.

The subway from Kyoto station does not take that long, maybe about 10 minutes. Both the Kyoto station area and central Kyoto area are convenient for sightseeing - it really depends on what sights you are going to see.

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5. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

WE stayed about a 15 minute walk from the station and were very pleased as nearly everyday we headed to the station for our transport on day trips . Recommend near the station

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6. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

This really depends on what day trips you plan and what Kyoto sights you wish to see. Since so far many are pitching the station, let me make the case for the area around Teramachi. First off, in Teramachi you are already in a tourism area and can easily walk to Gion and the Yasaka Shrine which puts you on the path to the rest of Higashiyaja....the station itself is big and modern, but the nearest sights are Toji and the Honganji complex.

Next, the Teramachi area has easy access not only to the subway but also to the Hankyu and Keihan lines along which there are a lot of further away sights like Fushimi Inari or Osaka/Umeda or Kobe.

The bottom line though is that both the station area and "central" Kyoto are great places to base yourself.

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7. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

Well, I tried some of the suggested places. Unfortunately Kyoto Granvia is not available for my dates. I made a tentative reservation at New Miyako and will further investigate.

Unfortunately both Agoda and Japanican might have changed their websites and they no longer provide room size. So one has to make a reservation blindly. Also each of them has different "definitions" for their room types with the same description (other than price and floor "type"), in the same hotel and one has no way of knowing the difference between a twin room on a "standard floor" and one on the "premier floor". They do not make it easy and calling these reservation sites before making a reservation is a waste of time.

Thanks for the input and I will do some more searching.

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8. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

The hotels usually have their own official website (which sometimes [not always] offers the best rates), and they normally have a room size description as well as photos.

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9. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

Do not use a booking site that makes you book blindly, ever. Also, don't book it if you have to pay in advance. Agoda is one of the bad ones, IMO and I never use it. Always check hotel's own website. Here is New Miyako's with room descriptions:


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10. Re: Decision re. Kyoto hotel; please help

Thanks, you are right. The hotel's website has clear descriptions with room sizes. The fees that Agoda adds and their own cancellation policy (much stricter than the hotel's) make reservations through them prohibitive. Their cancellation policy would make my travel insurance jump very high. I will cancel and not use them ever again.

It is unbelievable how hard it is to get 8 months in advance a reasonable hotel for 11 nights in a practical area, during the time I will be there. Had I know this ahead of time, I would have probably planned for the fall period. I was trying to avoid the Golden Week, but was not aware that cherry blossom time is getting so overbooked. Another lesson learned.

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