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Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

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Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

I am planning an overland trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu in April 2019. I am working on my Chinese visa application and have some questions.

First of all, I visited China once before in 2012. I attempted to go to Tibet but I was unable to obtain a permit because there was some unrest in the country at the time. Should I avoid mentioning that I had a Chinese visa in the past on the application? Would they have a record of me applying for a Tibet permit and possibly deny me? I may be paranoid about this but I don't want to get rejected a second time.

One of the requirements is a round trip air ticket. But we are leaving Tibet overland so don't have a outbound ticket. I do have an invitation letter from my tour company with a fake itinerary which says they will be arranging my flights and hotels. Will this be enough?

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1. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

The Chinese visa and the Tibet permit are totally different things. The Tibet permit is not a visa. So just say on your application form for the Chinese visa, that you had a Chinese visa in 2012. When applying for a Chinese visa in my country I have to show proof of getting into China and out of China by showing copies of my flights in and out of China. I imagine for you in the USA it's the same. You say you have an invitation letter with a fake itinerary. I think you have to show proof that you leave China by air from the last city on your fake itinerary.

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2. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

Have you got your China Visa yet? If you book a tour with your travel company, they can apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for you. They just need your passport and China Visa to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for you.

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3. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

Dear, I think it’s better to show the real itinerary of your tour to the Embassy. Because it’s an overland tour, you could not provide the air ticket out of China, which’s required during the Visa application. Since you have been to China in 2012, it will not be a big problem to get a Visa again. And once you get the Visa, your tour agency will obtain the Tibet Permit for you as long as it’s a reliable Tibet tour company.

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4. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

Bad advice in last posts. Mentioning TAR/Tibet is the way to have your visa rejected. Get hotel bookings to support your fake itinerary , and plane ticket out of mainland China ( or train to Vietnam ) . Cancel your bookings after visa is appproved. You need the hotel bookings + air tickets even for the standard tourist visa .

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5. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

Yes, book fully refundable hotels and a fully refundable one-way ticket to Hong Kong. You can get such tickets from Chinese airlines at reasonable prices.

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6. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

Yes, very bad advice of #3.

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7. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

You do not need a round trip ticket. You need to show an entry flight into China and an exit flight out of China. You can probably use your actual inbound ticket for the entry. But you'll need to use fakery on the exit--as said above, you can book a one-way regional ticket from anywhere in China to a nearby country. Shanghai's Spring Airlines has a lot of cheapies from Pudong to nearby countries. Then create a bogus domestic itinerary to fill the time between your real entry point and the false endpoint. Some of this may reflect what you really plan on doing, the rest not. You must conceal all intent to go to Tibet for the visa application. You can make up an itinerary and then make some non-prepaid, cancellable hotel bookings to support that. Print out the booking confirmations to send in with the application. Once you get the visa, cancel everything you don't need/want. It is perfectly acceptable to change plans from what you put on the original application--nobody cares and there is no further reporting you would need to do.

Your Tibet plans will of course be made through an agent and you should be working on that as a separate process, providing them the Chinese visa number once you get that issued. If you try to be honest and put Tibet down on your visa application, you'll be rejected.

You should put down the 2012 Chinese visa, that would tend to help not hinder your case. No need to mention applying for a Tibet permit back then, nor the outcome---that level of detail is probably not even recorded anywhere in a Chinese database.

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8. Re: Questions about applying for a Chinese visa

For China tourist visa application, it is better to ask the staff of China Embassy or Visa center in your country what to prepare firstly. Some Embassy in different countries have different requires. Some need entry and exit flight, and all hotels information, but some just need entry flight and first-night hotel information. After you get what you need prepare, you can ask your trip advisor of China tour company to help you. They have many methods to help you because they help solve this kind of problem each day.

A fake itinerary is just one methods of ten methods from tour company.

In addition, as long as you have no bad record in China, there is no problem to get China tourist visa and Tibet Travel Permit. Even you can visit Tibet several times one year.

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