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can anyone share if Mosquitos are a problem?

i am on a Thomson nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan on 7th May 08.

should i take a plug in or get some spray when on trips?

No one has mention this on any posting ans i wondered if anyone suffered.

or from any other bugs? any reply's would be appricated

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1. Re: Mosquito's?

You shouldn't have too much of a problem but I advise taking a tropical strength roll-on insect repellant for when you are on the deck at night.

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2. Re: Mosquito's?

Whatever you do theboboo dont open your window at night without turning off the light first I did and had a swarm of tiny flies flying around the room all night, it wasnt good. I have never seen a mossie yet but a spray for night time is a good idea, certainly dont need anything in your cabin

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3. Re: Mosquito's?

I have never seen a mosquito in Luxor either, but I always take insect killer and spray my room before going to dinner, then make sure not to open the door with the light on.

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4. Re: Mosquito's?

There is a bit about mosquitoes on luxortraveltips.com/essentials/insects.htm

Some people seem to be prone to bites and others not. I have never had a problem, but I have seen people with really nasty red, swollen bites. Best to take precautions just in case you are not one of the lucky ones.

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5. Re: Mosquito's?

I was told that taking garlic capsules for two weeks before the holiday increase the chance of you not getting bitten

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6. Re: Mosquito's?

There most certainly are mosquitos in Luxor and lots of them. If you are out and about from dusk onwards make sure you have some insect repellant on, especially if you are going near the river. You can buy repellant and plug ins in the pharmacies there as well. I know garlic repels fleas on dogs and cats but have never heard of it repelling mosquitos but it might do. One thing I have heard of is taking high strength vitamin B complex for about a month before you go and during your visit (must be high strength though). Several people have said this works. It may be worth a try.

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7. Re: Mosquito's?


Vit B1 contains thiamine, a natural mozzie repellant to female ones & they're the ones that bite. I'd had 4 trouble free hols without realising the connection as I'd been taking vit B1 for another reason. Since then, I 've had 3 more happy hols, with just a few bites that haven't bothered me. I staill carry prescription stuff with me in case tho as I react v badly to mozzie bites. I accept it doen't work for everyone, but it's worth a try. This last twice, I began taking the pills only a week before the hols.

Avon Slin So Soft is also a good thing to have; we used to mix it with citronella & white vinegar to use as repellant for our horses!


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8. Re: Mosquito's?

As has already been said, yes there are mosquitoes all over Egypt, and lots of them, especially by the river and especially at dusk. All I can say to the posters who have never seen any, well, they have been very fortunate. But it is very true that some people are more prone to attract them and get bitten than others. If you turn out to be one of these then it could ruin your holiday as you might not find out until it's too late, so obviously prevention is better than cure. As far as Garlic goes, I have found that it helps some people, so it's worth a try but the best supplements are the vitamin B range as has already been said. A couple of points to note on that though are that the B vitamins do not work to great effect if some of the group are missing, so a good strong B complex supplement is what you should go for. You should also note that the B vits are what is termed as 'soluble'. This means that whatever is not used is passed thru the body within hours, so there is no need to take them weeks before you go because as they are not retained within the body then it is literally pouring money down the toilet. You should only start taking them 1 or 2 days before you go and while you are there take one in the morning and one at night. Yoy will find also a distinct change in the 'colour' to a very deep golden when you go for a 'no.1'. This is nothing to worry about it is just the proof that the 'unused' constituents are passing harmlessly thru you system. As soon as you are back home and stop taking so much then things will be quickly back to normal. Something else that is very effective is Citronella oil. This is the effective constituant in all insecticides either roll or spray on. You wont find this on the shelves and will have to ask the pharmacist (in England) for it. A few drops into a small spray bottle of water is very effective. You can also just leave the lid foo of the bottle of neat oil overnight in your room/cabin. It will not evaporate and the 'lemony' aroma is quite pleasent and very effective in repelling all insects. Sorry about getting so scientific but hope this helps, :-)

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9. Re: Mosquito's?

As regards the previous mention of Avon "Skin so Soft", the one to get is the Soft & Fresh Dry Oil Body Spray (in a blue/green bottle) as it contains Citronella Oil ( the other types do not). We read about the (unintended) effects of this product a few years ago and the wife, who was previously a mozzie magnet, has not been bitten since using it. It is a lot nicer to use (and smell) compared to the DEET based repellants.



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10. Re: Mosquito's?

take vit b but remember alcohol can destroy vit b avon skin so soft woodland fresh and i used neemcare herbal insect repellent keep windows closed at night i was on my first nile cruise last year and was bite free hope you enjoy your holiday