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Luxor Pass and Photography

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Luxor Pass and Photography


I have a question about that Luxor Pass (I have looked it up at the top) :

It seems this pass covers ALL - tombs and temples (Seti, Nefertari, Hatchepsut, Ramses) on the West Bank as well as in Luxor - is this correct ? The main reason I am asking is that we have very limited time and with the pass I don't have to stop to buy indiv. tickets (we'll be there for less than 2 full days), also how does this tie in with the photography "ticket" , from what I have read so far it seems one needs more than one photo ticket if we want to take lots of photos ? (I understand that 2 places prohibit photo taking - ok, this leaves more than 3 sites)..

Also somewhere I came across how to obtain this pass in advance - is it possible to contact a tour company to organize this pass so we don't waste precious time with paper work.?

Thanks for any help.

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1. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

I do not know about getting the pass in advance, but I have tried the Luxor pass with the phototicket.

Based on my experience in february this year, the phototicket allows you to take photos in 3 tombs.

You can buy it at the central ticket office, at the queens valley ticket booth and at the valley of the kings ticket booth.

If you buy it at the central ticket office they will ask you where you want to take photos and write that on your phototicket. In my case this was on the stub, so once I had taken my first photos in the valley of the queens, this writing was gone, and since I did not use it in three tombs there, i used it also in the valley of the kings on one tomb.

For the tombs of the nobles it worked a bit different. With one phototicket you could take photos only in that particular group of tombs. So if you take photos in Ramose, you can only use that same phototicket to take photos in the tombs of Userhat and Khaemhat, as they are on the same entrance ticket. With a Luxor Pass the separate tickets are not neccecary, but the phototicket does only work in the same group. Take notice, this is also the case if the group consists of only two tombs! For instance with Rekhmire and Sennefer.

And they check! So do not even try to fool them... mostly it is the same guardian for the tombs in the same group, but if this is not the case, they will call one another to double check.

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2. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

I don't know about getting it in advance, but if doing it on site, remember you need two passport size photos.

A bit digging found this topic that states you need to attend in person https:/…86882081

There are also at least two versions, the cheaper of which doesn't allow access to the Seti or Nefertari tombs

Not much detail admittedly, but you can just make the two versions out in the price list section of this on page 6 egyptologyforum.org/MOA/MoA_Newsletter_19_En…

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3. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

egypttraveler123, thanks for sharing about your experience with the Luxor pass and the Photo pass. Definitely important application info there when it comes to the tomb groupings at the VoN.

Romana, with the limited time that you will have in Luxor developing a bit of an itinerary of what tombs you want to see will help figure out how many photo passes you will need to buy.

The only place I see being a bit of a challenge is the VoN with the Luxor pass it will quite easy to stray off what you had planned to see and start adding extra tombs if you have some extra time.

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4. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

Thank you e-traveler123, eLaReF and westerly - having just read Kent Weeks Treasures of Luxor (superb book), we'll only need one photo pass since I have narrowed down our site visits to 4 tombs (2 no photos) and 2 temples on the West Bank (maybe one more site if there is enough time).

But we'll definitely get that Luxor Pass simply to save time - how long does it take for this procedure, is there a line-up (we'll arrive around 1 pm in Luxor, by taxi, and can get to the ticket/pass place before stopping at our hotel [Winter Palace]) ? I know we need pp copies and pp photos and money.


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5. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

Getting the Luxor pass takes about 15-20 minutes.The office closes before 4 pm.There will probably not be a nyone in front of you to get the Pass(not that popular or well known).Pay in euros or dollars cash.The agency i used got the pass office to open after hours for me.

Nefertari and Seti 1 tombs do not get many visitors because of the price.There is one great tomb in valley of the workers.

Luxor museum is open late and is worth the photo pass.Many great attractions to add to your list.

Abydos and Dendara will have the best photo ops.Full day trip from Luxor.Dendara alone is a half day trip.

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6. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

Concerning the Luxor pass: just got mine and the bigger hotels (5* winter palace for me but heard the same for guests at the Hilton) have no issue with getting it for you, so there is no reason to get in a cab go to the office and deal with all of it. The big hotels on the east Bank will take care of it. What they needed from me (yesterday): copy of the passport (i already had copies so my passport never left my hand) and a passport photo. (and of course the cash either 150 € or 160 usd the hotel tried the usd approach as it is cheaper but ended up needing more euros as the office only accepts 150 € not the 130ish € the 160 usd come out to). So if you have usd certainly bring them will be about 15 € cheaper a ticket. Showing up in person is certainly not required nor is the actual passport.

Now the pass itself looks like a mess. Some piece of paper stapled to a copy of your passport with the photo on it and a couple stamps.

It is also possible to get them in advance. The date it is valid for is just written on it with a pen and stamped.

So if you have a week in Luxor ask your hotel to get it on arrival and date it for the next day so you can take advantage of the 6 am opening, when it is absolutely empty everywhere and the temperature is still decent.

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7. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

Thanks for the info marcmader!

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8. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

Marcmader1 - thank you very much for this info, really appreciated ! We'll be staying at the Winter Palace as well and to be able to get the pass in advance is quite important for us. Thanks again !

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9. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

At the back side from Luxor Museum a small office

You need Cash in Dollars or Euros

Passport, also photocopy from passport and Passport Photo

Pass is valid for 5 days

It´s valid for all the vally of the kings and queens tombs includes Seti and Nefertari (200$)

You have to buy a Photopas/permit at the ticketoffice in the valley of the kings.

Then you're free to take photos outside the tombs and for three tombs of your choice exept Tutachamon, Seti en Nefertari who is situated in de Queens valley

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10. Re: Luxor Pass and Photography

Just out of interest, when did they put the price up to US $200 for the Luxor Pass?

I only ask as it was still being sold at the discounted cost of US $160, for the pass that includes Seti I and Nefertari, almost exactly 1 month ago.

Thanks in advance.

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