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Reddot Tours

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Reddot Tours

Thank you for all the responses we have received

Since the departure of our previous link with the company we have received personal and excellent service from Reddot which we trust will now continue

We can now look forward to our stay in Sri Lanka without any anxieties

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1. Re: Reddot Tours

I am sorry to have to report a bad experience with Reddot Tours that led to a thoroughly spoiled holiday. The point of booking through a tour company rather than doing it yourself is that they are supposed to take care of things. Reddot failed to do that for the 12 day tour in Sri Lanka we booked with them.

The car (with driver) they provided was of doubtful roadworthiness (shot shock absorbers), they took us into a flooded area of the country without telling us, even though they knew what the conditions were like, the sights we visited were mostly underwater and we had to be rescued twice from the floods. Their choice of hotels was unpredictable, some good some awful. We objected about the worse hotel and they arranged another room at a hotel 'just a short walk away'. Fortunately we checked before we set off and It turned out to be 25 km away in a different town! - and when we arrived there was no room!

We complained on our return home and they did make a grudging small refund but tried to claim that the problems were due to the weather. But it wasn't the weather it was their mismanagement.

There are a few good posting about Red Dot and my guess is that if everything goes plan they do OK, but when things go wrong they can't cope - so watch out!

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2. Re: Reddot Tours


This accusation of poor service refers to an issue we had during the sudden and violent Sri Lanka storms that struck the cutlural triangle in February. It is one of two complaints we received when we had hundreds of travellers affected by the sudden rains.

I will respect the client's wish for anonymity on TripAdviser but I regret that I do not regard the above as a fair summation of the facts. I think Red Dot are entitled to a reply.

Red Dot proactively refunded GBP £362 on February 14, immediately upon completion of the holiday, a recognition of changes that had to be made to the itinerary. This part-refund was accurately calculated and was considerably above the refunds we received from suppliers. It was not "grudging" but was above and beyond our Booking Consitions, made voluntarily and rapidly as a gesture of customer support and fair policy.

The client regarded the compensation as inadequate, argued that the holiday had been ruined by heavy rain, and that his holiday had been subjected to "negligence" and "mismanagement."

Red Dot made exhaustive enquiries about our handling of the holiday before writing the following on February 27

Dear xxxx

Thank-you for your further email. I have re-examined the issues raised in detail. I regards Red Dot’s quick refund not only as appropriate, but also considerably above our minimal obligations, and a fair reflection of the circumstances that prevailed. I am disappointed that you do not share the view that the refund has been not only prompt but generous. I believe that Red Dot’s reputation for customer service and protection of its clients in what became extremely difficult circumstances has been fully met and I am proud of the extra hours that the Red Dot team put in to meet our clients’ interests. As far as I am aware, our response was either better, or in line with that of other companies.

Naren entirely recosted your tour after negotiations were completed on refunds and I am content that his costings are accurate, indeed generous. As we are refunding above and beyond our obligations, I do not feel obliged to reveal details of individual negotiations with suppliers, or indeed the extent of our own additional contribution to your refund. I am also satisfied that our staff responded in a committed way to securing alternative accommodation when availability was already highly scarce in peak season and was clearly exacerbated by holidaymakers leaving the hill country and cultural triangle as the rains intensified and widened. A considerable number of calls were made on your behalf to try to obtain a satisfactory alternative and we represented your rights fiercely at Thambapanni after your first night was unavailable as I am sure you did yourself.

Mr Palmer, the owner of Cinnamon Gardens, was also asked for a full report and rejects many of the issues you initially raised. Sigiriya Village reject any suggestion that their hotel was “uninhabitable” and have produced information about numbers of guests who stayed in the hotel that night.

Clearly Sri Lanka was struck by a period of extreme rainfall which undermined the satisfaction for thousands of holidaymakers in Sri Lanka at the time. However, I have already considered all the issues you raise at length and with the help of Red Dot staff have undertaken a full study of hotel cancellations in the cultural triangle on the days in question. This knowledge helped to secure you a refund of the amount provided. I regret that I do not regard weather conditions in Kandy or Ella as relevant to a consideration of Sigiriya on your arrival day, as both normally have entirely different micro-climates. You were simply caught in the first wave of stormy weather to hit the cultural triangle.

It is a moot point whether your journey should have proceeded. But once a journey has begun assessment of driver conditions, of safety issues and of whether a journey should be continued are always initially a matter for the driver in conjunction with the client and I do not see any useful way in which I could try to reach a conclusion on discussions that may have taken place. Clearly we would not force a client to undertake a journey he or she had no wish to undertake. I am advised that our Operations team received no definite request for the journey to be suspended. Hotels – and indeed Red Dot – are entirely within their rights to refuse to refund for cancellations at a time when their property can be reached. I am aware of the Sigiriya hotel’s bookings and cancellations on the days in question and there were no mass cancellations on your arrival day.



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3. Re: Reddot Tours

Well done David. This is a great example of how a professional organisation deals with what it genuinely sees as unfair criticism. I would be only too happy to book a trip or a tour with Red Dot, I like everything about them.

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4. Re: Reddot Tours

This is an unsolicited reply.

For anyone hesitating on booking with Red Dot, my experience with the company was excellent. I booked a 15 day tour from Dec 9th -24th, 2010. The service provided while on tour was exceptional, the driver professional and the vehicle well maintained and comfortable. The hotels selected and itinerary were developed by me in collaboraton with my assigned consultant prior to the tour. So I had a direct hand in picking where I stayed and which sites I visited. Mother Nature cooperated for the most part during my time on tour and I hardly think it is fair to hold a tour company liable for the consequences of the exceptionally bad weather that has plagued Sri Lanka this year. I highly recommend Red Dot if you are choosing a tour operator.

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5. Re: Reddot Tours

I was also very satisfied with the way Reddot handled my trip to Sri Lanka and would use them again.

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6. Re: Reddot Tours

We used Red Dot for our holiday in January and would use them again. The driver was excellent, the vehicle absolutely fine. They booked the hotels for us at a very good rate, one hotel we wanted to stay in they warned against and suggested another which was excellent. We later heard from others that the one we had wanted had been their least favourite of their holiday. We would recommend them.

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7. Re: Reddot Tours

Nice to here positive things rather than negatives. Keep it up Reddot....

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8. Re: Reddot Tours

I have been dealing with Jonah Rison from Red Dot tours who has been extremely helpful in helping me find a hotel in Bentota. Red Dot tours, in particular Jonah, have responded to all my emails unlike some of the other travel companies who have ignored my accommodation enquiries all together!

I recommend contacting Red Dot tours

Sydney, Australia
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9. Re: Reddot Tours

I have been dealing with Jonah Rison from Red Dot tours who has been extremely helpful in helping me find a hotel in Bentota. Red Dot tours, in particular Jonah, have responded to all my emails unlike some of the other travel companies who have ignored my accommodation enquiries all together!

I recommend contacting Red Dot tours

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10. Re: Reddot Tours

Je suis allé au Sri Lanka de mi fevrier à début mars avec reddot tours ,j'ai été très content de la prestation fournie et du tarif payé.Jonah ryson a été une conseillère très efficace et sympathique.Notre chauffeur fut aussi un compagnon de route très agréable.Aussi ,je conseille aujourd'hui à toute personne qui désire aller au Sri Lanka de travailler avec cette agence ,pour son sérieux,ses prix ,l'excellence et la gentillesse de ses collaborateurs,son choix extraordinaire d'hotels à tout budget