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Tips and Change

Frankfurt, Germany
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Tips and Change

Hello there, does anyone know why it often takes so long to get your change when you try to pay a very simple bar bill in Pattaya? For example, today I sat alone and drank 4 bottles of Singha beer. I have been to this bar many times and have never had any problem or confrontation. I asked to pay the bill which I already knew to be 240 baht, and the checks were already in my little wooden check holder in front of me. 4 checks of 60 baht each.

I asked to pay the bill and I offered up a 500 baht note so.....a very simple transaction one would have thought. But..I sat waiting for my change and although the bar was nearly empty it seemed to cause them great drama to simply give me the change..lots of talking, money bags being opened, calculator being used..lots of counting out money and double/treble checking the change before giving me.

As a result, I didn't leave my usual tip, and tomorrow I'll go to another bar (I always avoid establishments for at least a few days when they mess me about and annoy me so they will now lose money).

Why do they persist in doing this? Why do they need a calculator to work out the change from 500 baht on a total bill of 240 baht?

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Oxford, United...
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1. Re: Tips and Change

The staff might not have had the benefit of your level of education, even the cashier may be no more qualified than her sisters. In the UK, the concept of teaching arithmetic tables falls out of favour from time to time.

Given that mistakes come out of their pocket it is common to add the slips with a calculator at least twice then work out the necessary change. My advice would be to relax and enjoy the scenery, don't sweat the small things in life.

Pawtucket, RI
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2. Re: Tips and Change

Have small bills with you. Some hundreds, some fifties, maybe some twenties. Count up the bar bill and take out enough money to pay it. Call the wait staff over and count the money out in front of her and say thanks.

Include some coins in the cup if you plan on tipping something.

Some people pay as they order. I do this for new bars.

* Seven Eleven stores and supermarkets make change for 500s pretty fast when you buy something.

London, United...
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3. Re: Tips and Change

It sounds like they have had to get some change from their other change float rather than just what was in the till so to speak, this always takes time in the bars as the cashier will have been trained to count twice the money she is both putting in and taking out of this main float, your bill will then likewise be added up twice and your change counted out twice.

Cashiers will have to make up any shortfall in their cash at the end of the day and (particularly as they earn fairly low wages to start with) want to be sure of not being short.

Tadworth, United...
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4. Re: Tips and Change

Really???? Think the OP needs to chill out a bit... you are in Thailand.... maybe pay the bill when you start your last drink so you are not rushing ;)

Frankfurt, Germany
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5. Re: Tips and Change

How can you 'relax and enjoy the scenery' when you're waiting to get your change? I relax and enjoy while drinking, not when cashiers have already taken my payment but fail to give me my change without making a big fuss.

Just another reason Pattaya is very short of tourists..we ain't all stupid enough to say 'keep the change' every single time..

Leicester, United...
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6. Re: Tips and Change

All sorts of reasons why change can take a while to arrive anywhere in Thailand, certainly not peculiar to Pattaya. I think you know full well most if not all of these reasons and are just posting provocatively for amusement.

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