Problems Paying for Online eVisa for India

Can anyone help with this problem?

I have submitted my applications for two online eVisas to visit India next month. With the first application I went straight to the payment page and selected the SBI payment option. As soon as I had completed the transaction and pressed send an error message appeared. I then tried many times through the website to get back to the payment page via the 'Verify Payment / Pay Visa Fee' button but the system will not allow me back to the payment page. When I check the status of the application it says, 'Successfully Received', Application Status: - e-visa payment not received. I completed the application on a Mac using Safari. I have tried to get to the payment page on a Windows computer using Chrome and also on my iPhone but I just keep getting the same information. I have the same situation with the application for my mother who is traveling with me but I have not attempted to pay for that one yet.

I have tried to write to the help desk but I have not had a reply. Our trip is for December which will soon be here and I don't know what to do to resolve this problem. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David