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Hello Campers!

We are both heavy smokers and we are wondering if we should bring UK fags with us or can we get UK fags cheaper in the Gambia?

Also where's the best place to buy them when we come home?

How much are we allowed to bring home?



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1. Re: Cigarettes

Hubby smokes menthol and you can buy them out there soooooooo much cheaper than the airport. Not sure what brands of proper fags they do, someone will tell you, but they are around £6 for 200!!!!!! When we pick people up from the airport we stand and pick out all the newbies with their bags of duty free. A litre of gin out there is around £1.75!!!

United Kingdom
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2. Re: Cigarettes

Oh that's good but how many can you bring back to this country?

north wales
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3. Re: Cigarettes

Hello JayKatie,in january i was paying £7.00 for 200 regal.Good fags no problem,but you are only allowed 200 duty free back into UK.Problem.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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4. Re: Cigarettes

Last week on the strip they were between £7-50 £8-00 a carton, that was superkings.In the duty free shop at airport they were £8-00.

Kiffa, Mauritania
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5. Re: Cigarettes

I posted a while back that your case is scanned at Banjul and a dirty little man will try and scam cash from you.

Split your purchase between cases and if the wee man trys to tap you go red and declare at Gatwick or you get your packs seized. Your case may be one of the last off the plane.

Apparantly your only supposed to bring back 200 each. Who would have guessed Gambia is not in the EURO system of jsut buy what you want and you'll never get hassled at a port! I may be wrong or customs may be wrong , maybe 5000 is ok, you'll just need to smile and tell them you must have been mistaken and really should seek a legal opinion next time you travel to stop these little missunderstandings.

At £6 a carton a loss of £60 is acceptable.

Say hi to customs if you get pulled and burn his ear about harrasing people and not being good enough to join the police etc.



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6. Re: Cigarettes

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all the information about the ciggies I'll bear it all in mind when I go in two weeks time.

Allyson (JayKatie)

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7. Re: Cigarettes

Fags start at 10 Dalasi, there are some called Euro in Red packet, quite good..

Benson's etc around 30 Dalasi.


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8. Re: Cigarettes

Just make sure they are in your suitcase as him-in-doors bought some alcohol he liked in plastic bottles and was worrying about the breaking in the case so tried to take them hand-luggage!!(Told him it was a NO NO)

Anyway confiscated, drunken gaurds...and the rest of the plane held up whilst suitcases checked!!!

That was 6 years ago, so might of changed, but I wont risk anything now!!!

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9. Re: Cigarettes

No it hasn't changed, we got our Gin confiscated in August. Not happy bunnies, we don't have suitcases, only hand luggage and as we flew at 1am the duty free was closed so put them in our hand luggage, NEVER had it checked before, but they saw it on the xray machines and took it!

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10. Re: Cigarettes

Hi bodwick, i came back from my holiday on Friday from the Gambia with plenty of cigs in my case with no problems at all, i also did this this march when i went over there again no problems maybe the scans wer'nt working?!? also i got stopped in gatwick and when the lady opend my case and asked how many cigs i had i told the truth as she would find then anyhow and nothing happend she just x-rayed my djembe drum (sorry bad spelling) and i was sent on my way! guess i'm a lucky traveler cus i always bring cigs back ;~)