(Boat Tour) Napali Experience vs Blue Ocean Adventure Tours?


We would like some help with picking the perfect boat tour for us.

- We are a young couple going to Kauai for honeymoon for the first time. We are both on the adventurous side.

- We would prefer a smaller boat tour with less people that's more intimate, and the ability to go into many of the caves. We heard larger boats will not go into as many caves.

- Ability to snorkel would be nice too.

- We are staying in north side for first 2 nights, and by Poipu for last 3 nights.

- On the 3rd day while we transfer hotels southbound, we plan to do a doors-off helicopter tour around 1PM.

I have found 3 different companies, and need some help deciding.

- Napali Pirates: This place looks like a fun tour with rafts, and price was great at $130. However, only availability was on our last day morning, after which we would have to spend whole day without hotel access before flying out at 10PM. Sounds like a bit of an exhausting way to end our honeymoon trip, so I would likely be cancelling this reservation, unless availability opens up for earlier days.

- Napali Experience: This trip looks great and intimate, with cap at 6 people. Also the boat looks like a more comfortable ride as it's not an inflated raft. 7AM is sold out, so we would have to book 9AM tour (if not the afternoon tour)

- Napali Adventurer / Blue Ocean Adventure Tours: While group size looks larger (~14ppl?), this trip is enticing because it includes "Beach Landing", picnic lunch on the beach, and visit to the historic village. This one leaves at 7:30AM, and returns at 1:30PM. I'm not sure if Napali Adventurer & Blue Ocean are the same company, and whether there is any difference by booking with either one.

While the north shore options look more convenient, we are leaning towards the south shore option, just because we have less days up north...the first morning there, i think we will just surf and hang around hanalei. Second morning, we will hang by the beach before heading towards Lihua for the helicopter ride at 1PM.

In Poipu, we will have 3 full days, where we could do 1 day of boat tour, 1 day of waimea hiking, and 1 day of just beach relaxing!

Please let me know if you have any advice on choosing which boat tour, as well as regarding my general plan outlined above. Thank you!