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6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

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6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

looking to travel across the 3 countries and looking for input based on a rough plan of what i wish to do. no set dates or time frame, rather look into an itinerary then adjust as needed

Day 1 arrival into Mexico city

Day 2 Teotihuacan archaeology & museum

Day 3 explore city with Templo mayo museum / national museum of anthropology visits

Day 4 xochicalco archaeological site

Day 5 transfer to Oaxaca, city tour and explore, Manialtepec bioluminescent lagoon by night

Day 6 Monte Albán , atzompa , yagal and mitla archaeological day tour

Day 7 transfer to San cristobal de las casas , city explore

Day 8 Tonina archaeological site - oxchuc - ocosingo

Day 9 sumidero canyon and Chiapa de corzo

Day 10 transfer to Antigua

Day 11 Iximche site and Antigua city explore

Day 12 Lake atitlan boat tour

Day 13 Mixco Viejo site

Day 14 Copan ruins day site

Day 15 Acatenango volcano overnight hike

Day 16 Acatenango volcano return, transfer to flores

Day 17 tikal archaeological site / Uaxactun day tour

Day 18 Topoxte and yaxha archaeological site / National Park

Day 19 Xunantunich and Caracol (  overnight in San Ignacio Belize )

Day 20 transfer to placencia

Day 21 monkey river tour and manatee watching

Day 22 cockscomb wildlife sanctuary and jaguar preserve

Day 23 transfer to belize city: city explore

Day 24 Altun Ha ruins and howler monkey sanctuary

Day 25 Lamanai Maya Ruins & River Safari

Day 26 transfer to Caye caulker

Day 27 snorkelling

Day 28 snorkelling

Day 29 Caye Caulker to Chetumal via San Pedro

Day 30 Kohunlich - Dzibanche ruins site

Day 31 transfer to tulum via chetumal.

Day 32 tulum ruins & xel-ha park. continue onto merida. overnight.

Day 33 PUUC route. including Loltun caves , Labna , X-lapak , sayil , kabah , uxmal

Day 34 celestun nature reserve

Day 35 Chichen Itza ruins

Day 36 transfer to palenque, overnight

Day 37 montes azure’s biosphere National Park with boat ride

Day 38 Agua Azul falls , misol- ha waterfalls and palenque archaeological site

Day 39 transfer to veracruz

Day 40 El Tajín Ruins and Papantla Day Trip from Veracruz

Day 41 Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas Natural Adventure

Day 42 Transfer to Mexico city

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1. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

- San Cristobal - consider a tour of indigenous villages. Its interesting and helps you to understand the conflicts in the region.

- Day 10 - you can get a tourist shuttle directly to Lake Atitlan saving backtracking from Antigua. Plan on spending the night in Panajachel as you may arrive too late to get a boat to any of the other villages.

- Switch days 11 and 12. You may want to consider adding 1 or 2 additional days to Lake Atitlan.

- Day 14 - Copan. While it is possible to visit Copan as a day trip, spending 1 or 2 nights is preferable. Its a minimum of 6 hours driving from Guatemala City (add another hour from Antigua) each way.

- Day 15/16 - Volcán Acatenango - arrange this before you go to Copan. Most overnight trips leave between 8 and 9 in the morning. Read the reviews and posts about recommended companies. Make sure that you have warm clothes nd a flashlight/headlamp/torch with you as it can get be below freezing and you do the hike to the peak in the dark for sunrise.

- Day 23 - There is nothing "to explore in Belize City"

Your trip is very fast paced. Be aware that transfer times can be long. You probably will want to add a few days to stay in one place to get a break from sitting on a bus every once in a while. Unless you get very early starts you may find that you arrive too late in the day to enjoy your new destination (and that may happen even with early starts).

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2. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

Way too fast - you're especially short changing the Guatemala highlands in my opinion.

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3. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

> Day 29 Caye Caulker to Chetumal via San Pedro

Do you have plans in Chetumal? Maybe overnight at Bacalar rather than Chetumal.

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4. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

As far as Guatemala is concerned... it seems like you are really into ruins but I would skip Mixco Viejo and spend more time around Lake Atitlan and in Copan. It looks like you will be using Antigua as a base. I would not do that. I would spend day 11 in Antigua, day 12 go to Lake Atitlan and if you go by taxi or with a private driver you can stop at Iximche. Day 13-14 Lake Atitlan. If you don't have two days for Copan skip it. Day 17: Tikal and stay overnight. Uaxactun as a day trip is only possible if you book a tour. And I think doing both Uaxactun and Tikal in just one day is really too much.

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5. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

You seem to be kind of backtracking by going to Palenque on day 36 after being in nearby San Cristobal de las Casas on day 7.

From a logistical perspective it seems to make sense to me to continue moving south from SCDLC. Visit the waterfalls and archaeological sites of Palenque, Yaxchilan, Bonampak, and then cross the Mexico/Guatemala border to Tikal/Yaxha/Uaxactun. Continue south to Antigua/Copan and then on "Day 16" start thinking about Belize instead of back to Flores. You probably have your reasons but I think it will be more efficient and save you some time to keep heading in one direction.

Based on your interest in archaeological sites, I would recommend you look into both Yaxchilan and Bonampak. Bonampak has the world famous classic Maya murals. Yaxchilan was one of the great Maya city-states. The city was built on a river and has a spectacular stone "staircase." It was built to impress visitors arriving by river and it must have certainly achieved that goal. Both are near Palenque.

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6. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

i had my trip to start and finish in mexico city as it is cheaper to fly in and out than it would flying into mexico and out belize or wherever,

The rough itinerary i did was based of tours i could find from each lication i had interest to. While finding good infomation about transfers between cities was harder, so opted base in certain places for convienance. Transfer days i planned to leave in mornings and that way i can relax for rest of day then enjoy destination the day/s after.

I can adjust itinerary to remove ruins site on day 13 and have copan for day 15 and 16 then transfer onto flores. With Acatenango volcanoe for day 13 and 14. I appreciate the feedback about the itinerary,will help me to better understand how i can travel the 3 countries.

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7. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

Day 10 transfer to Lake Atitlan (as also mentioned above). That makes more sense than Antigua as you are coming from San Cristobal. I would stay in Panajachel as you don't have much time. I also like Pana. If you only visit one other village take a boat to Santiago (and visit Maximon). You should be able to go to a market (just ask which town has a market day 11 or 12). Maybe you have time to go to San Pedro and San Juan or take a boat to Santa Cruz and walk to Jaibalito.

Day 11 Lake Atitlan

Day 12 Lake Atitlan, in the afternoon go to Antigua as you will have to be there early the next morning for Acatenango (our trek started at 6 am). Book the trek in advance. We went with OX but they want 4 people if you are not going on one of the days that they have a group going. Lately Soy Tours gets mentioned a lot and gets good reviews (Gilmer Soy is a local).

Day 13 Acatenango

Day 14 Acatenango, back around noon, explore Antigua

Day 15 Travel to Copan

Day 16 Copan

Day 17 Travel to Flores or Tikal (long day)

Day 18 Tikal (and maybe Yaxha)

Day 19: Yaxha and on to Belize

So that means you have two days for Lake Atitlan which is okay although one more day would have been nice. You really only have an afternoon in Antigua which is not much of course. You have 1.5 days for Copan which is okay. I would want a day for Tikal and I would want an early morning there. For Yaxha a half day is fine but it is not that easy to get there unless you pay for private transport or hire a guide who will arrange transport as well.

I would not base myself in places just because you can't figure out transportation online. In many cases it will make more sense to move from place to place. For example from San Cristobal it makes sense to first go to the lake and then Antigua. And it makes no sense to go to Copan from Antigua and then back to Antigua and then to Flores. Better to go on from Copan to Flores (it would be nice if you have a day for Rio Dulce and the boat trip to Livingston on the way). You can easily figure out transportation when you are there. In Guatemala there are public buses and 1st class buses and shared shuttles. From the lake to Antigua you will probably take a shared shuttle as by bus it is three bus changes (not hard but most people find it too complex). From Antigua to Copan you will take a shared shuttle or Hedman Alas (both leave very early, 4 and 3 am). From Copan to Flores you will take buses (minibus to border, bus to Chiquimula, bus to Rio Dulce, bus to Flores) or a shuttle if you can find one (best to look for one when you are there). Transport is easy once you are there: you ask your hotel, you talk to travel agencies, you ask the locals, you go to the bus station. If you like research and are good at it there is a lot you can find online as well but easiest is to figure it out when you are there.

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8. Re: 6 weeks Mexico , Guatemala , belize itinerary

Good advice above, but I'd still leave off Copán - as much as I love it it's bad trip math to spend a day and a half on a bus or shuttle to spend a day and a half there when if you leave it off you have 3 full days to add to Lake Atitlán, Antigua, Tikal, and/or Belize.

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