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Maya Kakaw Travel Agency

I recently co-led a two-week study abroad course to Guatemala, and we used Mayakakaw travel to facilitate the trip. I highly recommend this agency to anyone looking to travel in this beautiful country.They were amazing and the trip was wonderful. Owner César Aguilar worked closely with us to design an experience tailored to our specific study goals (Guatemalan art and culture, ancient and contemporary.) He also agreed to accompany us as our personal tour guide, which turned out to be a real boon. César is a gem; helpful, sociable and extremely knowledgable about his country, including history, culture, architecture, politics - you name it! He is college educated, teaches at a University, has studied Archeology and participated in several digs. He had answers for all of our questions and was greeted enthusiastically by everyone everywhere we went.

We got bids from several study abroad organizations before finding and choosing Mayakakaw.

They were the only ones able to include all of our "Must-see" sites at a price our community college students could afford. Mayakakaw provided us with a private van and a driver, and booked all of our hotels, which were clean, comfortable and often quite beautiful (this was remarkable, considering our lean student budget.) As teachers, we had the stress of managing the trip removed from our shoulders and were left free to teach and facilitate our students' experiences.

This company is competent, trustworthy, conscientious and committed to bettering conditions for Guatemalan people wherever they can. You will be in good hands if you choose to work with them.