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California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

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California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

I've read a few reviews on this, but I wanted to come here to get the best advice - Can DCA and DL be done in the same day? In Anaheim for business and want to devote a solid day to the parks - not sure if I can do two days - thanks!

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1. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

i dont think anyone could do all rides and attractions in both parks in a day, but you could get to see alot of what interests you in a day if thats all the time you have

just look at the disneyland maps and website and decide what interests you most, then make sure you at least get to see those things.


i usually start at the disneyland park, and then when it starts getting too crowded there, usually around noon i hop over to california adventure park as it is usually less busy.

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2. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

We always do California Adventure and Disneyland and like the previous poster, we usually start out in DL and go over to CA when things get busy in DL. However, if this is your first time to DL, you may want to consider just staying in that park. If you want to see what both parks are like, then I'd do both parks.

What day of the week will you be there? Usually weekends are much busier than weekdays.

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3. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

Unfortunately Saturday or Sunday are the only options for our dates of travel - we are basing it around business, so we want to get the most out of our stay. We'll be traveling Friday night up to Anaheim and staying their through Monday.

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4. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

I think you can do it. CA has fewer attractions than the main park, and much of it is geared toward small children. Plus, they're changing the whole theme of the park, so a lot of it is a maze of construction walls anyway.

We go often, so here are my tips for CA:

-- Do not miss Soarin' Over California. Get a fast pass as soon as you enter the park. Do no pass Go, do not collect $200.

-- Take time to visit the Disney Animation building. If you're a strict thrill-seeker or feel pressed for time, just peek your head into the main room. You won't be sorry.

-- Besides Soarin', stick to the next 4 biggest rides: California Screamin', Tower of Terror, Grizzly River Run, and Mickey's Fun Wheel (time permitting.) If the line for Toy Story Mania is more than a half hour long, skip it. Look it up on YouTube when you get home.

-- Unless you must see how tortillas, sourdough bread, or wine are made, or you're a huge fan of the Muppets or Bug's Life (3D shows), you're done. The rest is really just sight-seeing and photo ops.

Tips for the main park:

-- Parades are on-going. Once you see one, avoid the parade route as best you can.

-- The main way into Tomorrowland is a bottleneck. Go the back way, across from the Teacups. Adventureland bottlenecks, too, but it's a neat area so bear with it at least once.

-- New Orleans Square is the most pleasant "land", which makes it easy to get stuck in. Keep that in mind while you're watching your time.

-- If you can fit it into your budget, eat at The Blue Bayou. Make reservations before you leave NY.

-- No matter how tired or sore you are, avoid the Disneyland Railroad after dark. You will wait 1-2 hours when the walk is 15 minutes max.

Have a great trip. Report when you get back!

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5. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

nene_mac, thanks for the advice. You totally described our usual method of touring - I've been to WDW in Florida over 25 times - I understand that a lot of the DisneyLand attractions have similarities, but do differ and I would love to take in the surroundings, but not sacrifice my thrill-seeking ambitions! Parades and demos aren't really our thing, and we never really are slow-paced park goers. We did Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom all in one day last year...

Soarin' is amazing (rode it at Epcot) and will definitely ride it again, and we've seen the Muppets and the Bug's life show in Florida, we also rode Midway Mania in Florida, so I'm figuring we can breeze by a few things unless we really really want to ride.

Thanks for the tips!

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6. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

There are quite a few rides that are unique to DL that the MK or DW in general does not have. Since you have been to DW a lot, I would concentrate on making sure you ride the things that are unique to DL.

Are you a Fantasyland fan? If so, you will love the one in DL. It is my favorite thing in DL over DW. It is even more charming and real looking. There are quite a few different rides here. Some are, Alice in Wonderland, Pinoccio, Mr. Toads Wild Ride (used to have one in DW), Matterhorn, Story Book Land boat ride, It's a Small World is sooo much better here.

Indiana Jones uses the same technology as Disnosaur, but very different surroundings, Finding Nemo Sub ride. I'm sure that's not all, but just off the top of my head.

Don't miss Pirates at DL, much, much better and longer than DW.

Prepare yourself for a much smaller, less grand castle, however. I think that is one thing that disapoints people used to DW. The Sleeping Beauty castle walk through attraction at DL looks really cool though.

I think you will have fun seeing DL after being to DW so many times. I love both parks and try to go to both on a semi- regular basis. They both have special parts about them.

Have Fun!!

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7. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

You might try looking at ridemax.com to see if this scheduling program can be useful to you.

In addition to what was just mentioned, make sure to see the original Enchanted Tiki Room that was designed and presented by Walt Disney and has not been corrupted by being "under new management", just is enhanced digitally.

That's good advice about the castle.. I haven't been to WDW and haven't seen the Cinderalla Castle except in television. But I kind of like to think of the two castles as Walt's little girls. Sleeping Beauty's Castle is the first born and is petite, beautiful, yet cute. Just the right size for where she is. Cinderella's Castle was born after he died, but is everything he would have wanted in another little girl. Stately, tall, beautiful, and just the right size for where she is.

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8. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

I think some good points have been made in this thread.

If you are a FIRST Time Disney Park visitor, I Strongly don't recommend paying the extra $25 for a Single Day ParkHopper, and just get a one day Ticket to Disneyland Park. IMHO, it is actually a 2 day park, and why many folks recommend a 3 day ParkHopper, partially due to the reduced cost of an Advance Purchase Ticket, and that should give you "reasonable" time in the parks. Yes, you can do the "speed tour", but really, do you want to do that in most cases. I am planning my June Honeymoon, which will include MANY different Amusement/Theme Parks, and we are taking multiple days in a few locations, just so we can enjoy ourselves, and don't burn ourselves out.

Now, if you want a 'highlight" trip, where you avoid many of the attractions you experienced at other Disney Parks, plus skip over some things you are not interested in But then, there are a few tricks, such as seeing the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show and have lunch at the same time, a good time saver. Learning how to use FastPass to the max is another good option. Of course, being at Disneyland at opening and taking advantage of those first couple of hours, when crowds are at their lowest level of the day.

But still finding some time to take a break, such as having an adult beverage (if you are of age) and just sit down and relax for 30 minutes can make a big difference in enjoy the rest of the day. There is only so many hours of standing in queues before many folks start to not be as "Happy" as they should be.

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9. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

Wow, thanks so much you guys! Your tips are so helpful. I really look forward to going, especially since this is the first trip to Disney with me and my husband - we are scheduling it around his work though, so that's why my scheduling is a bit tight and I'd like to take advantage of everything - not sure when we'll be in CA again....and Redlands, I hate the "under new management" Tiki Room at WDW...we always skip it!

The fantasyland rides sound so cool and way different than what's at WDW! I'm getting psyched!

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10. Re: California Adventure and DisneyLand in the same day

One more thing. DL usually opens earlier than CA. If you get to DL before it opens you can go on several of the more popular rides before it gets crowded. Than head over to CA when it opens.