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Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

Sydney, Australia
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Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

I have woken up nice & early this morning & have decided to go for a walk around the Gaslight area in San Diego. I'm loving San Diego. It reminds me of Sydney so much. Take a few snaps & decide to find some coffee. Us Aussies love our coffee & so far I haven't found any good ones.

I find this little coffee shop near my hotel & decide to give it a go. I think its called the Coffee Bean but I could be wrong. Its really good. I do ask for an extra shot though..

I walk back to the Westin & decide to wake my sleeping Tribe.

Miss 8 is on her iPad & has a little bit of colour in her face. Fingers Crossed 🤞🏼 I try to wake the kids & nothing is happening. Hubby wakes & suggest we take the kids to do some shopping. Kids must of heard "shopping" & they are up. They quickly shower & get changed & we are off. We decide since we are going over to Tijuana for a few hours we will shop at Las Americas which is located right next the Border. OMG the shopping is hectic (Aussie terms AMAZING). Mr 16 & 19 dissapear. The girls & I hit the shops. Poor Hubby. we are dragging him from girl shop to girl shop. Its quite funny as he is having as much fun as us Girls. We shop for another hour or three & decide to go to Tijuana for lunch. I really want to check our Caesars Hotel. We locate the boys & head over to change our money into Peso's at the money exchange. I can see the border. I've heard some bad & good things about TJ. I'm a little anxious as I have my precious cargo with Us. We decide once we are in the streets of TJ we will put the girls In the middle of us with Big Bro, Hubby & I holding their hands tight. It must of taken us 5 minutes to walk through the border & we are now officially in Mexico. I notice we only have 5 passports with us. 2 of our passports are tucked away in our backpack & the customs officer said nothing. We rush back to get the other 2 passports stamped & think What if???? Back on track & we walk though & we are now at the taxi stands. We jump in 2 taxis & the drivers are quite friendly. They start speaking Spanish to us & we look lost. He asks where we are from & we say Australia. He replies Gidday Mate!!!!! I thought you guys were Mexican. We ask the driver to take us to Caesars Hotel. I can see Hubby in the taxi behind us so feel a little relieved. After a10 minute drive we are at Caesars Hotel. Hubby jumps out of the Taxi behind us & ask if he could come back in 3 hours to pick us up. He agrees. We pay USD 5. We don't hustle the driver for a cheaper price as I think $5 is fair. We walk into Caesars & request a table. They ask us to take a seat on the benches & should be about 5 minutes. Our waiter comes over & directs us to our table. This place is beautiful. Like Old style Beautiful. Waiters are dressed immaculately. We practice our Spanish & the waiter giggles. I can speak English he replies. Thank Goodness. Out of 7 of us only Mr 16 can speak Spanish. Basic Spanish but that's all we need. We order our food. I encourage our kids to order some Mexican Food & they look at me liked I've grounded them. I order the famous Caesar Salad. I have seen 100s of youtube videos on the making of this salad. I too decide to take my own video. They bring out lots of bread & dips for my family to snack on. Since we didn't have breakfast we divulge the bread, I'm sure the waiter is horrified & goes to get more. Our food starts to arrive & the aroma is amazing. My salad is ready. Yummmmm I scoff it down & don't even ask if anyone wants to try some. I know Greedy mum. Kids order Pasta, Tacos, Burgundy Beef Pie & Hubby orders the salmon. Yummmmmmmmm is an understatement.

Tacos are a bit spicy for Miss 8 & she hands them over to Mumma. Double Yummmm. I Order Miss 8 & 11 some dessert as the food is too spicy for them. Double Chocolate Cake & Crème Brule, they looks fabulous. The girls tell me its delicious. Lots of drinks & a few frozen margaritas & we decided to take a walk down to the famous arch. TJ is busy & there are lots of people walking the streets. The girls are walking around holding there noses. The streets are quite dirty & there a lot of little vendors trying to sell us there cheap tourist items. We smile & keep walking. There a lot of pharmacy shops with huge sighs selling VIAGRA. Miss 8 ask "Mummy whats VIAGRA?" I reply its something for old people. Kind of!!!!!! We make it down to the Arch.

We take a few snaps & then we are stopped by a loud slam of car breaks from across the road. The police have turned up & have pounced on some guy standing on the corner. They throw him on the ground & handcuff him yelling in their native tongue. Mr 19 & 16 get out their phones & start filming. I scream at them to put their phones away before the cops come & pounce on us. I just happened to turn around to see what the girls are doing & Miss 12 is doing the same. I snatch her phone off her & tell her she's grounded for the rest of the holiday. She tells me But I’m on holidays so I threaten to send her home. Miss 8 & 11 don't notice a thing as they are taking selfies with the Donkey that is painted like a Zebra. Only my kids. We gather the naughty ones up & notice its nearly time to meet our taxis. Thank you god. We walk back slowly. I have to keep an eye on these kids cos they have that look of "what can we do". We get back to Caesars Hotel & there is young lady singing beautifully. We give her our change & Mr Taxi arrives. I'm quite relived. He takes us back to the Border.

Its about 5pm. I'm dreading crossing back to the US as I've heard the wait times can be horrendous. We are only waiting for about 30 mins & then we are back on the US side. We have parked our car where we changed our money over as there is suppose to be security there. We arrive to our car & there is no security. Kids are more thirsty than Hungry so we get some nice cold drinks, We leave around 6.30pm & it takes us around 30 mins to get back to the Westin. Kids have had a full on day & just \want to chill for tonight, Miss 11 goes straight to bed. I'm hoping she is not getting sick. Kids have gone for a swim & I decide to join them. Hubby stays with Miss 11 but secretly I think he want to watch some sport. We are down there for an hour & a half. We head straight for the showers & then into out PJs. Watch a little bit of TV & then the yawns start.

We are heading to San Diego Zoo & Balboa Park tomorrow, so we think we better hit the sack.

Good Night San Diego

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Perth, Australia
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1. Re: Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

That was a really interesting read - thanks for sharing : )

San Diego...
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2. Re: Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

That was interesting report... They do have uber in tijuana and besides the tourist trap were you were on revolucion .. Ceasar restraunt i do like .. I would of suggested you to go to mercado hildago..its in the area called plaza rio its a cleaner area than were you wore.. The la playa which is the beach...its nice area to walk around with...

Christchurch, New...
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3. Re: Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

Thanks for sharing, you gave me a few laughs. I have heard that Tijuana is pretty dodgy and not worth the trip so it was great to hear you r adventure!

Fremont, California
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4. Re: Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

Thanks for the trip report. Enjoy the Zoo.

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5. Re: Trip Report - 5 Kids, Hubby & I take on LA - Day 5

Fun read.. sounds like you are making some nice family memories! 😎

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