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Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

Melbourne, Australia
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Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

I got a cab with 13Cabs one Sunday. The driver stole money and electronics from my bag and 13Cabs initially said that they had no record of my trip and accused me of lying. When I provided them with the details of the trip (which I thankfully had from using the app) they said that since they don’t employ the drivers directly they have no responsibility to assist and that they cannot provide driver details. Eventually had to get police involved. Will Never use again. You have no protection from the drivers.

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1. Re: Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

How did the driver have access to your bag? Did you leave the taxi at any stage, with your bags still in the taxi? I think there is more to this story.

Newcastle, Australia
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2. Re: Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

That’s a pretty serious accusation and I’m not surprised they didn’t believe you as neither do I. Very little of your story makes any sense at all.

All the best.

Broadford, Australia
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3. Re: Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

13CABS is a booking app. At best they may be able to provide you or the police with the driver's details.

What did the police say when called? It seems odd that a driver, who would know he could be traced, would take things from your bag while you were in the cab.



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4. Re: Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

I’m mystified too be how he could have had access to your valuables

Whenever I use a taxi, any large bags are in the boot and have neither cash nor electronics in them. They are in my handbag which is sitting beside me on the back seat or if I’m in the front (rarely)on my knee or at my feet. A driver wouldn’t be able to get his hand in my bag, open my purse, remove cash then take my phone or iPad or whatever and me not notice and I’m almost blind.

So unless these items were left unattended for some time in open view, how could a driver steal them? Then again if the OP leaves their valuables lying around, it’s just as likely they could have been stolen before getting into the taxi.

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

That's interesting as I had an incident with a 13CABS driver and reported it (it was a cab driver driving recklessly next to my car, not me in the actual cab)...they were super thorough and followed it up... I received excellent communication from them and can not fault the process they followed. If you were able to provide the number plate and taxi driver ID number things should have been followed up. I too am confused as to why, or even how, a taxi driver had access to your valuables... surely you'd keep those close! Are you sure it was the taxi driver who 'took' them? It's very strange.

Melbourne, Australia
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6. Re: Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs

<<<Avoid travelling by 13Cabs at all costs>>>

You don't 'travel with' 13CABS. You book with 13CABS. You 'travel with' a taxi company that utilises the 13CABS booking service.

If there was in fact a theft then logically you would have gone to the police - which you did of course - didn't you ?

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