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3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

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3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary


I am just starting to plan a 3-week trip to Australia in late April-May 2011 to Australia. We are pretty flexible with planning at this point and would like to ask everyone about their "dream" intinerary for this length of a trip before settling on some routes/cities. Thanks for the assistance.

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1. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

so what are your interests? budget?

aus is a big country and we could waffle on with all sorts of suggestions that could be entirely irrelevent.

however most of us here expect that people do at least some research on their trip first and are willing to answer specific questions that arise from that. we are not travel agents.

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2. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

Some of the popular destinations if flying into the East Coast, are Sydney, Melbourne, Kangaroo Island, Whitsundays, Cairns/Port Douglas, Uluru (Ayers Rock) , Great Ocean Road, Tasmania and the Wine regions Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley and The Barossa Valley.



Domestic air travel www.virginblue.com.au www.jetstar.com www.qantas.com.au

Car rental rates www.drivenow.com.au

Accommodation www.wotif.com

Enjoy working out an itinerary.

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3. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

Oh, I don't know.... this question could be a bit of fun if we do just what is asked and not try to imagine what somemone else would want to do, but focus on what we personally would do.... better than chiming in on the tipping thread again LOL I think I've said all I have to say on that one LOL

....but the question is a hard one. It will take some to mull over especially with a three week limitation and April/May restriction ... On the upside there are no other restrictions on what we can choose to do LOL I will be quite interested to see what I settle on really as I suspect Lien is right and my own dream trip will go all sorts of places you don't care to see. LOL. ....but I'll get back to you

Hang one, is the top 10 thread linked anywhere in the FAQs?

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4. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary


Didn't have time to check the FAQs.. so here's that thread. It was a beauty with lots of people telling of their favourite Australian destinations.

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5. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

Gosh williamsJ33 one persons ambrosia could be another's poison.

Without knowing more about your likes/dislikes it's impossible for any of us to answer you. (but of course here in South Australia we have the best wine, awesome natural wildlife (Kangaroo Island) amazing interactive marine animal experiences, less crowds ..oh I could go on :)

Seriously though.. it's no use if we tell you to go diving on th Reef if you hate swimming.. no use to tell you to go into the ouback if you are agoraphobic... Our country is large - VERY large- and there is no end of experiences for people with every taste imaginable.... you may as well ask how long is a piece of string.

I always tailor my trip around a significant experience when I travel so you might like to select some experiences to suit your personal taste.

Most travellers seem to tick off the "big three" (rock, reef, sydney harbor)

but you need to weigh up whether the travelling inland (time and cost) is worth it. There are other ways to access the outback (it's only a few hours from Adelaide for instance - the Flinders Ranges). You also need to work out your mode of travel.. Domestic flying is probably mandatory for most legs if you want to see a lot. Fly into one place and out of another... tailor your itinerary in one direction.

As suggested, do some research ont he Australia forum and get a handle on our wonderful country then post back with some suggested itineraries. We can then advise you better

oh.. and take a look at www.southaustralia.com :) we'd love to see you here!

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6. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

My only advice would be to choose three destinations...perhaps barrier reef, Sydney and Melb or Adelaide and fly to each of them. With only three weeks, you would spend a lot of time driving to get anywhere...and whilst our countryside is different to most places...it is also pretty boring after a couple of hours and it doesn't change as it does in europe or usa.

Good luck!

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7. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

Dream Trip? Well my dream trip would be to Western Australia- but that would be in September October when the countryside is carpeted with wild flowers - magnificent.

April-May - When autumn leaves begin to fall - Beechworth/Bright and the Alpine country in Victoria.

Canberra, Bowral - southern Blue Mountains

But you probably see plenty of Autumn leaves

Probably be a good time weatherwise in the northern states

Turtle counting off the coast of north Western Australia. warm water, lazy days. .

Dinosuar digging in north-west Queensland.

Hey, thats just some of my dreams

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8. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

Thank you all very much. I will check out the thread posted above. I have already done some research with the same places coming up repeatedly (and probably for good reason): Sydney, Cairns, Uluru, Melbourne...

I was trying to ask where people would personally love to go if they had no restrictions (money, seasons) during a 3-week time period. I figure I may hit upon some gems that I would not otherwise consider whilst planning.

I was looking into the Whitsundays- anybody have suggestions about how to approach this area (hotel, multi-day boat trip etc...)?

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9. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

The same places come up over and over in the Eastern states, but I think that WA doesn't feature only because of the distance from other must sees in the east and the logistics and cost of getting to the relevant areas.

My own dream Australian trip, money no object, and assuming I had whatever competency was necessary, at the moment, would probably be or involve one of those luxury cruises off the Kimberley. Hopefully one where the boat has its own helicopter. On one end or another, I'd have an air safari to Ningaloo to get to/from Perth, then on to Broome, .. and somewhere in there I would be trying to wangle an indigenous tour or three, or perhaps bush university.

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10. Re: 3 weeks in Australia Dream Itinerary

I reckon I had almost my dream trip last year camping through the Kimberley, celebrating a signifcant birthday at Cape Leveque. Probably the only thing that would have made it better would be an extra 3 weeks on top of the 4 it already was!