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shopping for flights

Birmingham, Alabama
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shopping for flights

We are planning a trip for summer 2019 and have started looking for flights. We will be flying from Atlanta and would enjoy a couple of days in Copenhagen before continuing to the islands for 3-4 days. I do not have a lot of experience booking international flights so I have a few questions.

1) Are there any concerns with booking two different itineraries (one with KLM, Delta, etc and one with Atlantic Airways) to accommodate the stay in Copenhagen? I have found flights with these carriers that would allow 2 days in Copenhagen on the departure route and 2 hours layover in Copenhagen on the returning route.

2) If I book two different itineraries, will I need to exit the terminal in Copenhagen to check in with the second carrier?

3) When I fly from the Faroe Islands into Copenhagen, will I need to go through customs before continuing to the US (requiring more time for the layover)?

4) Should I expect airfare to drop dramatically between now and summer 2019?

5) Any other watch-outs? I'm a novice and advice is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

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Nijmegen, The...
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1. Re: shopping for flights

1. Yes! It's not a true connection. So should you miss your connection you're completely on your own to make new travel arrangements. If you do this keep plenty of time between flights. 2 hours in CPH is too tight unless you're traveling without checked baggage. I'd go for at least 4 hours.

2. Yes. Go through immigration, customs and check in again. Unless you're traveling without checked luggage. Than you can just go to your next flight assuming you've done online check in.

3. Customs isn't your concern and doesn't take any time. Just go through the green lane if you've got nothing to declare. Red lane if you do. Should you travel without checked luggage than you won't see customs at all.

4. No one knows. But in general booking this far out is far from economical. Wait and start looking again between 3 and 5 months before you fly.

5. Try booking through SAS or one of their partners to keep it all in one itinerary. And only book on the airline's site. There's no such thing as a cheap airfare fairy.

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2. Re: shopping for flights

First of all you will have to check out with KLM if they have an agreement with SAS or Atlantic Airways, because it is very possible they have and then it will not be necessary to pick up your baggage and deliver it again. I know that Atantic Airways has an agreement with SAS, my baggage always goes all the way when I travel.If you have two separate intineraries and you can do the check in on line, it will be not necessary to get out in the terminal. Even if you can't do the check in in line, there is a Transfer Center inside the Transit Area where you can go and do the check in for your next flight. This only if your check in baggage was sent all the way to the destination.

For me personally 2h is more than enough if you do not pick your baggage and youa ren't forced to go through security check. You can always go and tell to an official that you are missing your plane and they will let you to skip the queue. The problem can reside actually in the departure from the Faroe Islands, as there can be from mild to serious delays due to fog or strong winds.

I am not sure about the customs part. I am from Romania, which is outside Schengen and we always have control passport before we get to the gate, but I do not know how is for USA.

It is no point in buying so early. As there is no point to wait too long. Unfortunately both SAS and AA come with offers out of the blue and at the most unexpected time. No one can predict that.

Check out with the carriers from USA if they have agreements for baggage transfer with both Atlantic Airways and SAS and decide afterwards. Both are good airlines, SAS is slightlier cheaper, but also has the highest rate of cancelled flights when it comes about the Faroese flights (it is about wether mainly and secondly about the number of passengers - they do not flight if there are only a few on board).

Hope this helps.

Birmingham, Alabama
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3. Re: shopping for flights

Excellent advice- thank you so much! I'll wait to purchase and will try booking directly with SAS.

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4. Re: shopping for flights

My recommendation is to use Google flights. It will show you a graph of the cheapest days to fly and you can adjust the number of days you will be there.

However, not all airlines are listed on Google flights. I do not believe Atlantic Airways is listed. Sometimes going directly to the airline website is the easiest ways to find cheap fares. I purchased my tickets directly from Altantic Airways and it was $400 RT total from CPH to FAE, for two tickets.

You could go via Iceland or Scotland if you do not want to go via Denmark. If you go via Scotland, look at Edinburgh or Glasgow or Inverness. Google flights is kind of amazing and I recommend it to *everyone* (and I'm a librarian, so there's that).

I do not recommend WOW or United. We are flying Air Canada.

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