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kithnos questions

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kithnos questions

We are planning 4-6 days on kythnos after a few days in athens, need answers to the following please!

is it easy enough (and cheap enough) to self cater on the island? are there little local food stores (not cafes.restaurants) that you can buy bread meat fruit etc? Should we bring food over on the ferry for the first night? what are the opening times of little supermarkets..if there are any?

Considering staying at either loutras or merihas, which is better for food shops? hoping to do only one biggish shop for our stay and eat out in the evenings 50% of the time.

planning on getting around the island on a bicycle brought over on the ferry from athens, anywhere to rent a bicycle on the island? what are the roads/terrain like? do you need to be super fit? considering May as the time to go so wont be peak summer heat.

has anyone stayed at ioannas apartment or kontseta apartments?

how easy is it to get around/across the island on foot/bike/bus?

anyone done any of the dive sites? and any big pelagics boat trips dolphins/whales etc?

help much appreciated..not going until next year but feel pretty clueless at the moment!

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1. Re: kithnos questions

May will be extraordinary quiet in Kithnos apart from weekends. I am not sure why you want to go there anyway when two stops down the line you have one of the best Greek islands - Sifnos, which will also incidentally be quiet.

It is an interesting question about bringing food to smaller islands. They are also small mini-markets open, however a few times we have loaded up with things like fruit at Piraeus market and taken that to the islands. Large reusable supermarket bags are very good for this. Also a chill bag is also good. Small fish like Gavros (anchovies) and Sardelas (Sardines) can be very cheap in the Piraeus market and are well worth taking in a chill bag with some ice.

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2. Re: kithnos questions

Hi nomadic,

its precisely because its quiet that we want to go there, get a real idea of island life. all we need is somewhere to get food, a nice beach to swim at and a few trails for the bikes. we will have had enough of crowds in rome, florence, athens (getting to greece after travelling down italy) so probably desperate to get some peace.

do the locals shop at mini markets or are they self sufficient? i keep seeing 'tavernas' advertised on every website..these are restaurants surely? one cannot buy food to cook at home here?

and if we wanted to try a bit of fishing in the harbour, would that be seen as fitting in or stupid tourists taking the fish out of the mouths of the locals?

we will definitely eat out some of the time but would prefer to be about 50% self catering particularly for packed lunches.

nomadic can you tell us where the mini markets are? and the approx opening times in may? should we aim to be near a village? is it a cyclable distance and easy-ish trails from say loutras to chora? we can easily do 10 miles on the flat in about an hr.(obv kythnos is not flat)

it seems a good idea to stock up before we head over for sure.

thanks for your comments about sifnos, we will keep that one in reserve as my partner is not as keen on the longer ferry rides, we may end up hopping across but will only have about 5-6 days as it will be the tail end of a 3 week trip.

while we're at it, can i also ask how does one book with the slow ferry and NOT the fast hydrofoils or catamarans..bumpy ride and enclosed cabin a sure fire recipe for seasickness...

thank you for your help!!

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3. Re: kithnos questions

Merihas and Chora will have more little supermarkets than Loutro simply because they are larger and one the port.

You can expect to find maybe 2 or 3 plus a bakery. Can't remember about Merihas exactly. It is a very small village so finding anywhere won't be hard.

The bakery (shop sometimes) is what I use, most main villages have one. They vary by island in taste and quality and in variety, some on small islands can have a surprising variety, or very little.

The supermarkets I just use for tinnies and the like, but you should find veg, meat, pasta all the usual stuff. Greek brands are cheaper than imports.

Prices, well, it's not cheap in Greece anymore.

Opening hours are usually early morning say ~08:00-13:00, but again you can find the odd island with places open at 23:00.

Most people inhabit tavernas/cafes they do not bother with S/C. S/C is for the rest of the year and I ain't doing it on a holiday for a 4-6 days stay that's for sure. The cost saving is minimal.

The island is hilly and mountainous, roads vary depending on when you hit the island if roads have been recently tarmacced maybe good but some maybe terrible after a winter storm. Parts look as though a bulldozer has run amoke around the hills where holiday homes are being built.

It is a relatively undeveloped island the prospect of a bicycle hire place would be remote, motorbikes/cars, yes, no problemo.

Ferries - You should be looking for ferries like Adamantios Korais, Ag. Georgios, from Piraeus or one of the small ferries from Lavrion.

Of the fast ferries the Speedrunner is OK with an outside windy deck the encosed catamarans like Seajet 2, Superjet are small and enclosed & terrible in rough weather.

You buy tickets in Piraeus, Lavrion, islands.

Standard references are:



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4. Re: kithnos questions

Hi retired hippy, thats soooo helpful, thank you!

i think we might stay in loutra as i would like to do some diving and am in convo with the dive centre to see what they offer. also got the hot springs near by.

i tried your link it went to the main trip advisor greece page, i looked for posts about food costs on the islands but didn't find much that directly related.

i think if there are definitely some food shops and its not that much in it between self cater and eat out, we will have the choice when we get there.

Thank you also for the ferries information, we will be bringing bikes across from piraeus on the ferry so would need enough space for this, i assume the larger damantios Korais, Ag. Georgios, ones could fit these too?

if we find it difficult to cycle far, we may rent a scooter, not decided on that one yet.

and what do you think of the fishing idea?

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5. Re: kithnos questions

Note in May the water will be quite cool. You will need to hire a wetsuit for diving.

Self catering will save you a save you up to 30 or 40 Euros a day for 2 people. It is often cheaper anyway to stay in Studios rather than hotels.

I am still not sure that Kithnos is the best island for you. In May or early June somewhere like Betty's Apartments (we paid 20 Euros a night last September) in Drios on Paros might be better. It is very quiet. Drios beach is 5 minutes away. The large sandy Golden Beach is 15 minutes away along the coastal path and less than 5 minutes from Betty's Apartments there is the excellent Annousakis supermarket and the bus stop to explore the island if you feel you need to. There is also lots of good walking in Paros, with 3 possibilities from Drios itself.

I always think that Kithnos is more of an island that caters for weekenders from Athens and Athenians on their Easter or summer holidays.

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6. Re: kithnos questions

Hi Nomadic, thank you for the information about Paros, i will definitely look that up also. isnt it a bit of a party island? I'm not really looking for that..i read up about some of the other islands and mykonos sounds like the antithesis of my ideal holiday..it's not anything like that is it?

I do realise the water temperature is lower in may, I am prepared to hire a wetsuit. I have been surfing in the UK in December before so it will be positively warm im sure!

Maybe interested in paros if there were more watersports, though still keen on the idea of the more traditional island in kythnos.

Thanks for your help!!

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7. Re: kithnos questions

Hello again iron_artist

It is not really a party island apart from perhaps mid July until around August 21. Drios is really quiet. Betty's apartments are situated in an apricot grove and you will hardly hear a sound. They are very cheap and very well equipped. You can save money by cooking in the studio. There are, though, a couple of tavernas 5 minutes away at Paralia Drios with nice views over Naxos and the sea and a taverna on the square where the supermarket is, 3 minutes away from Betty's. Close to Drios there is windsurfing at Golden beach and New Golden Beach and Kite Surfing on the other side of the island close to the ferry jetty for Antiparos at Pounta. I am sure there is diving as well.

The walk up the coast to Golden beach, New Golden Beach, Pounda, Logaras and Piso Livadi is really nice. It takes about an hour and a quarter to get to Piso Livadi. There is a bus back to Drios from these beaches. Logaras and Piso Livadi have good tavernas.

With Paros you have more options than Kithnos

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