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renovations on the Acropolis

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renovations on the Acropolis

The last time we were in Athens was February 2004.

We're curious to know what parts of the Acropolis are currently being renovated (we're guessing that some new projects may have been started since then, but maybe some have also been finished).

When we were there, the Temple of Athena Nike was entirely dismantled. We wonder if it is being rebuilt yet?

Also, the Propylaea was entirely engulfed in scaffolding--is this still the case?

Finally--has anything changed with the Parthenon? At one point I had heard that they'd finished the part they were working on then, and have started on a new piece.

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1. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

Nick_arc.....??Where are you..provide us your wisdom...

: )

All the infos on the official site of Acropolis Restoration Service.


Temple of Nike will be ready at the end of the year....

They are renivate the roof right now....

Propylaia have part of their roof after 600 years!!!

North Part of Parthenon collumns areready and renovated...they have some works to be done on the upper side of the collumns...

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2. Re: renovations on the Acropolis


Thanks! I was hoping that maybe the Parthenon had a bit less scaffolding than in 2004--but I have a feeling that is not the case.

We're very excited to see the Temple of Athena Nike--it just wasn't even there at all the last time we visited. I'm glad it's back!

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3. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

Unfortunately, scaffolding is still there and will take a little more years.

I know for some people it is distracting but hey! :) i have seen it worse and i mean either scaffolding all around or even worse, rumble on soils around, back in the 80's :)

What most people don't expect about the Parthenon is that the whole place IS a construction site for more than 20 yrs.

When you visited you probably show scaffolding along the long side when entering the Hill plateau. That's the North side which now it is nearly finished. Some scaffolding is there and really depends on what done. I visited 2 months ago and one day scaffolding was gone from this side, while one week later it was on the short facade when you enter, the Western side.

Even if visually distracting, it is for sure a clear indication that works are done up there to help the monument survive. So, all in all, despite the visula clutter they remove on the visual side of the visit, but they do add on the "respect to the monument and human effort" side.

What's different from your last visit?

a. Parthenon's North side is nearly finished. Comparing to 2004, you 'll see that 4 columns were at last put back in position again with minimum new material implemented. Works are now finishing on the top layer of the facade.

b. Works are also being done sporadicall on the Western side.

When this finishes two huge projects will start that will take at least till 2024, regarding inner building and Eastern side which was severely damaged in the 1687 explosion that gave the monument its image we all know.

2004 is here sacred-destinations.com/greece/parthenon-pic…

2004 is too here http://briefcase.pathfinder.gr/download/gm22632/24705/294740/0/Athens+-+The+Parthenon.JPG

2008 is here xblog.gr/wp-content/…parthenon.jpg where you can see the final columns put in position. It is also seen here …flickr.com/3115/2786888296_9a85884dc9.jpg

2009 is here eurograduate.com/images/articles/news/parthe…

It has progressed a lot from 2004 :) when practically half side was dismantled.

Re: Athena Nike, works are also progressing, still some scaffolding is around too.

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4. Re: renovations on the Acropolis


Thanks for the beautifully detailed answer. I had been searching around for a couple of weeks, trying to figure this out on my own. Then it suddenly occurred to me that I should ask on the forum. This is great.

I am excited to see the four columns in place. I think that in 2004, we just thought that was how the Parthenon is in modern times--missing those columns. It will be amazing to see them back!

I also heard that the propylaea is much closer to being finished. It was very much covered in scaffolding in 2004.

I think anywhere you go that has beautiful old buildings and structures, there is a high chance that they will be under construction in one way or another. As you said, it's how we take care of our ancient things--and make them strong for the future. My daughter just got married in an old cathedral here in California (well, old by California standards--it would be considered fairly new in Europe!!). Anyway, it was pretty much covered in scaffolding. It just comes with the territory of enjoying historical things.

That said, we are very excited to see what has changed at the Acropolis. And I have to say, I long to see it standing strong and stately on its own. But, my husband is always the photographer that likes to capture things just the way they are. While everyone else is running around trying to take pictures without any scaffolding, he is happily taking pictures that show off the construction in its full glory. I have to say that in this way, he certainly captures the meeting of old and new--the aura of ancient antiquity with modern cranes in the background.

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5. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

I had the tremendous joy ( well, i am an architect, architects get joy from many peculiar things, lol, liek a scaffolding ) around two months ago to be up on the Hill with good friends at around 08:25, right before even the first visitor steps his / her foot on the top. It was absolutely great to see people on top working to put a huge piece of marble.

It is indeed a big project and thanks God, it may proceed slowly but it also proceeds good.

Usual advice applies for your visit: be there really really early or afternoon.

Acropolis opening time is 08:30 but i have found that tickets booth opens a lil' bit earlier than that, so you can practically cross the gates at 08:25 an dbe there early enough to enjoy the monument before the first huge groups arrive.

Another good time to go during summeris afternoon, near closing time. On a mild day it is a nice time to visit, let's say 5.30 - 6pm on a summer afternoon.

If going for this early morning visit, do start form Acropolis subway station at 7.45 in order to be up there outside the gate, take a breath, admire and then proceed :) it is all about taking time and "breathing" it, and i am absolutely sure that a repaet visit will be equally if not more rewarding. By the time the first huge groups will be panting to go up you 'll be going down to let's say Agora to see the site or have a coffee bereak.

This is how i usually walk the area starting from Acropolsi subway station and crossing Agora one gate to another. This is what i have found the most efficient way to visit Acropolis and Agora.


Another tip of course is that new Acropolis Museum also is finished ad available for visits for only 1€ till the end of 2009. It needs around 2 to 4 hours and i prefer visiting it during hot midday hours, after 2 - 3 pm.

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6. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

>What most people don't expect about the Parthenon is that the whole place IS a construction site for more than 20 yrs.<

For more than...111 years you mean (the reconstuction/renovation of Parthenon started in... 1898 by prod.Balanos & has not stoped since w/ the exception of the Nazi occupation)

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7. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

Yes :)

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8. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

Thanks, nick arch, for such a lovely posting.

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9. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

Thank you Cinty :)

10. Re: renovations on the Acropolis

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