2nd Visit to Greece

Hi! I've got a challenge for anyone willing to accept it: I spent 7 weeks studying abroad as a Classics student in Greece in 2009 and on this, my long-awaited return trip, I'm looking to build an itinerary that doesn't include revisiting any of the sights (and sites) I've already seen. I'm hoping there are hidden gems and places off the beaten path that you can help me discover.

I'm a 30 year old woman traveling solo to Greece for 17 days. I'm pretty active and not a partier, though I don't mind a crisp beer or delicious wine. I like visiting museums, archaeological sites, areas of natural beauty, walking and bike tours, and hanging with and living like the locals. I typically stay in hostels/airbnb and plan to use public transport and KTEL to get around, however, if airplanes maximize my time for a good price, I'm willing to take them. My budget is US$1500, though I typically spend $7-$35/night for lodging and eat only two (tasty) meals per day, along with snacks.

I'll be in Athens for my first two days (I arrive at 3:10am on my first day) and I've got nothing concrete after that. I am thinking to definitely visit Meteora and Crete, but haven't decided on how long to spend in each place. I am trying not to spend too much time in Athens, unless it's near the end of my journey. I have no preference for visiting particular islands, but I don't want to spend only 1 day on an island only to move to another one for a day.

Places I've already visited (and some I've visited twice) that I'd like to avoid: Athens-Acropolis & Museum, Agora area, Glyfada area, Monastiraki area, Plaka area, Syntagma area), Corinth, Delphi, Eleusis, Epidaurus, Gialova, Iklaina, Ancient Messene, Mycenae, Nafplio, Ancient Olypmia, , Plaka area, Pylos, Santorini, Sounio, Sparta, and Sphacteria.

Thank you in advance for your sage advice!