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Tipping question...

Vancouver, Canada
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Tipping question...

What is the minimum percentage (or norm) of tip I should give at restaurants? What about taxi and hotel?


Eureka, California
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1. Re: Tipping question...

It's already included in the bill.

Brewster, New York
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2. Re: Tipping question...

Tipping in restaurants is usually a matter of rounding the bill up to the next whole amount....or perhaps an extra euro if the rounding up doesn't amount to much. Unlike the US, tipping is included in your bill, and restaurants pay enough in wages for a man to support a family. Same goes for taxis.....there is no "set percentage" amount for service. Just let them "keep the change"

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Winter Haven...
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3. Re: Tipping question...

In a good restaurant, 5% is usually the norm. Same for a taxi. Spare change used to be the norm but things are changing.

Liverpool, United...
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4. Re: Tipping question...

Thankfully, the EU doesn't have a tipping mentality, so you can go about your business without worrying over such small and trivial matters.

Amsterdam, The...
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5. Re: Tipping question...

Meals are expensive enough here without adding to the bill. +1 for just rounding it up a few euros. No-one will chase after you for not tipping them but will gratefully receive a couple of euros.

Amsterdam, The...
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6. Re: Tipping question...

About 5% in restaurants but only if service and food were good.

For just drinks in a bar it depends... About 5-10% with table service, but more and more people stopped tipping. And if you need to go fetch a drink by the bar, why tip at all?

No need to tip taxi drivers or hotels.

The average waiter or bar tender gets paid the same as the average school teacher, nurse or whatever person who doesn't get tips. So in theory there really isn't any need to tip at all. Half the people I know don't tip anymore.

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Winter Haven...
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7. Re: Tipping question...

<About 5% in restaurants but only if service and food were good>


Haarlem, The...
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8. Re: Tipping question...

No one will look at you weird or confront you if you don't tip at all. I tip when dining out, but just a few euros. For just drinks I never tip.

Amsterdam, The...
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9. Re: Tipping question...

I'm from Canada and now living in Amsterdam. Tipping here is not as big of a deal as in North America. In fact sometimes when I give a tip the server looks surprised. Typically locals tell me to round up the bill. I generally leave around 10% which is a lot here only because of my Canadian mentality of normally leaving 15-20% at home. But tipping is not a big thing here so don't worry about it.

Amsterdam, The...
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for Munich, Amsterdam, The Ardennes
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10. Re: Tipping question...

The minimum tip is 0%.

Unlike other above me say, the tip is NOT included in the bill . Else it wouldn't be a TIP which means something extra.

Only the service charge is included in the bill.

When the service was good it is customary to tip but not requested. SOme examples:

- some beer, total billl 14,10 . You can give 15,-

- restaurant, bill 62,50 . Pay 65

- expensive restaurant, bill 228. Pay 240

These would be typical what local people might tip. But some locals would tip nothing, others more.

American tourists often overtip. So waitresses might expect more from Americans. But who cares.