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A 4 days trip ..must see small town

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A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Hi again

I have been very last minute with my planning again, so though would be leaving in a few days ( 6 days) i am still totally disorganized for the 1st leg of my trip.

My question is if i want to choose only one city in addition to Amsterdam ,where i would spend 3 days before my departure to Dubai which city should make my list?

I am looking for a charming place with lots of character , easy to access by train or bus directly from the airport , not too far away from Amsterdam ( not a 7 hours trip for example as will arrive from a 10 hours flight)where i can chill out and wander around and find nice things to keep me busy. I am a mature female solo traveller who loves nature , happy people art ....love to see windmills and tulips , relax and chill out and do one or 2 interesting activities eg: baloon tour in Bruges.

So far, have checked Bruges only. I am not a party person but love to people watch and have interesting conversations.

So any suggestions for the Absolute Must City besides Amsterdam which meets all the above ?

If ever, would i be able to take the train from the airport? should i buy the ticket when there or beforehand on the internet? can i make that city the base to do a one day trip ( Delft etc)...could it be a city with some warm weather and sunshine if ever?

I will be in amsterdam for 3 and a half days at the end of my Netherland layover anyway, and have planned to visit Kuekenhof, Van Gogh Museum, do a boat tour and canals , will stay in Jordaans so a stroll around there etc

So, for Amsterdam part, i think i am good to go just need to get some details in order but have a 4 days hole in my planning that needs to be to filled.

Please help me to complete this unorganised last miunte trip with your savy suggestions thanks a lot

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1. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town


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2. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Bruges is a stunning town, i thought it was gorgeous, plus you could take a night in Brussels or Antwerp aswell

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3. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Maastricht. 2.5 hrs by train from Amsterdam Central Station. Great food, architecture, shopping.... Aachen in Germany is also close by. Also worth a visit.

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4. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Haarlem. Enkhuizen.

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5. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Dear Mooshi,

Schiphol airport is built on top of a train station. So trains to the city center are no problem. If you get out of the trainstation in the center you'll find the VVV or information office in front of the station. Here you can find lots of information and daytours.

For public transport in Holland you can go to www.9292.nl and click in the right upper corner for the english version ;))

Okay, here are some suggestions for villages.

- Volendam and Marken. Two villages near Amsterdam. Old fishermen places, wooden houses, maybe some people in folkloric regional costumes. There are propably touroperators that offer day trips to the places. Windmills, flowers and water are here aswell.

- Zaansche Schans. Openair museum but actually a living village. Woodenhouses, windmills, first supermarket of the Netherlands, tin caster, lots of water and flowers. Very near Amsterdam an doable by bus but than a walk of 20 minutes after that...

- Heusden is a bit far maybe for the day you arrive but this village is protected by the "Dutch monument watch" It has 130 houses from about the Middle Ages and is fortifide, earthen walls are around the place to protect it against the water or former enemies. Very nice inner harbour with wooden drawbridge, windmills, fishmarket. You can take a walking tour costs approx. € 5,00. Maybe touroperators will offer this in Amsterdam but otherwise try to go to the city of 's Hertogenbosch or Den Bosch (same place). Here'll take a bus.

- Giethoorn is also away from Amsterdam but it's called Venice of the North. Lots of canals and old houses and farmhouses.

I don't know if you are interested in the famous Delta Works of the Netherlands ? These a the hudge movable damms and dikes to protect Holland from the water, since 1 third of the country is below sea level.

It's mighty interesting and beautifull to see, if the wheather is right.

If you look in wikipedia and typ in the names of the villages I just mentioned you might be able to choose more easy.

You don't have to worry about contact. Most people in Holland speak English or do their best (like me) to speak English.

If I can make a suggestion:

On arrival stay in Amsterdam.

Next day take the train to Den Bosch (or 's Hertogenbosch) and take a city tour. You can take a bus to Heusden to enjoy the place and go on to Middelburg (also a nice little city too) and stay there for the night. Next day visit Neeltje Jans (Delta Works). Than go international to Bruges, this is Belgium...

If you need anything else don't hesitate to ask, I'm a professional in Dutch tourism and might be able to assist you some more.

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6. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Hello again,

Thanks a lot to all and each of you for giving me all these ideas...I think looking through the web sites my favorite is still Bruges in Belgium .in the meanwhile might do 2 or 3 one day trips for all the other places.

@Kathy , It is very kind of you for taking the time and providing me with all the details about these wonderful places to visit, I really appreciate that.

I am going to listen to you and stay 2 days at the beginning of my journey in Amsterdam to chill out and stroll around and may be take some tours , then go to Bruges for 2 days and then will be back agin for 3 days in Amsterdam; during which will go one day to Haarlem for flower parade on the 21st and one day for Kuenkopf.

How far and how accessible Bruges is from Amsterdam? what would be the best way to get there, train or bus? how long would it take me? ?

Any input about this town will help me a lot in my planning.

Thanks again to all and each of you

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7. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Depending on which train you take it will be 4 hrs -- €91 return or .....2hrs .30m (Thayls), € 176 , return ,both with 1 change at Antwerp Central.Have a look at the link below for train yickets etc and prices


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8. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Hi, Mooshi007,

Please feel free to click on my profle and read my posts if you are interested.

My favorite place in Netherlands is Maastricht so far. Assuming I stay in Netherlands next week rather than Italy, I will move from Amsterdam to Maastricht for at least 3 nights. Reminds me of an Italian village.

Easy--outside of Maastricht station, walk straight, cross the river bridge and you are transported to a lovely cobblestonned town. Piazze with cafes. Great shops. Gorgeous old church. Cosmopolitan little town. Very very friendly people. I am also traveling alone. Had my best night yet in Netherlands while I was in Maastricht yesterday.

Happy travels,


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9. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town

Oh--when I stay in Maastricht, I plan to take the train for the day to Bruges.

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10. Re: A 4 days trip ..must see small town


Thanks AB2pcs for the info and thanks a lot lanago for Mastricht.

@lanago, though i really liked to visit Bruges realized it is far and i want a short trip. I am still undecided about my itinerary , have not been able to find a decent cheap place for the beginning of my journey in Amsterdam and coming from rainy Vancouver am in need of a warm sunny place so thought of Malaga.

So to be honest now i am thinking of going to Malaga for the 1st leg , taking the flight from the airport the day i arrive and then only 3 days in Amsterdam before my Dubai departure....this trip has been a real roller coaster ....

The 3 days in Amsterdam and Dubai is all arranged but the 5 days at the start of the journey is totally out of order (:

This is all happening because my schedule depends on others that i will be meeting in Dubai and had to completely change my travel dates...now i am in a mess.

But i did like Mastricht and it keeps coming up so now I am looking into Malaga( totally outside on Netherlands) more seriously and Mastricht ( staying around in Netherlands)as you suggested.

Will check your posts carefully,

Thanks again everybody,

Happy travel and Happy Easter