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Itinerary help and a few questions

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Itinerary help and a few questions

I've been reading this forum diligently and have already picked up a lot of great tips. I have developed a tentative itinerary and hope that you Amsterdam experts can help with it. Mainly, I want to see if there's anything big I'm leaving out or anything I have listed that just isn't worth it. I'm doing this trip solo and am trying to balance museum going with more relaxed activities. Want to do a bit of shopping and lots of eating. I have tried to lump activities based on location. Thanks in advance for your suggestions! I can't believe I have just a few weeks left before I leave.


Arrive 2pm from Paris

Canal boat tour

Royal Palace

Wynand Fockink tasting room (can anyone comment on whether or not this was fun/tasty?)

Walk through Nine Little Streets, shopping, back to Jordaan

any dinner suggestions for the Jordaan district?



Willet-Holthuysen Museum (not sure about this one)

Rembrandt’s House

Waterlooplein Flea Market


Dutch Resistance museum

Brouwerij’t IJ brewery tour

Boom Chicago


Train to Harlaam in morning? Otherwise Castle Muiderslot (worth seeing?)

Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Rooms

Red Light District


Albert Cuyp


Van Gogh Museum


House of Bols?


Anne Frank Museum

Wander Jordaan

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1. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

I'd suggest putting the Pancake Bakery on your list for lunch the day you go to the Anne Frank House/Museum. It's about 2 blocks down the road. Extremely filling and nothing at all like the pancakes here in the US.


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2. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

I got tired and winded from reading the itinerary :)

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3. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

Thanks for the restaurant rec.

I didn't think the itinerary was that busy, especially since some things I simply had questions about. I shall reassess.

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4. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific and not so flippant... I think you've got a saturated Saturday in particular. But you'll discover that as you go along. Depending on when you will be here, and how the weather is, you have very little time for wandering around. Also your arrival day on friday: If you arrive on the train from Paris at 2 PM, by the time you get to your hotel and get checked in it could easily be close to 3 PM. The Palace, if opened on that day (see paleisamsterdam.nl/en/visit/opening-hours/ for the days the Palace is opened and closed) closes at 5 PM. And the shops in the 9 Streets close around 6 PM (see http://www.nlstreets.nl/EN/shopping/amsterdam/de-9-straatjes--17/) so you will need to take that all into account.

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5. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

for a great meal i would go to Cafe de Klos , opens around 4:30,

just dont ask for frites (fries)

and if you are looklng to check out a coffeeshop heres a great site


Peace Matty


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6. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

I already typed long reply and Internet Exlorer froze and I lst it so her's the abridged version.

Canal tour after Royal palace due to opening hours.

Saturday too busy and Sunday not so shuffle things around.

KoChang Thia on the Westerstraat or Paso Doble tapas. Over 150 restuarants in the Jordaan though what kind of food do you like?

Pancake bakery is for overpriced egg and flour but that's just my personal opinion.

It's the Hermitage not Armitage.

RLD is better done at night

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7. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

RE: Wynand Fockinck. We stayed in an apartment in the same building and so made a few trips there. There was a sign outside advertising tours of the distillery/tasting room, but I remember that it was only on certain days of the week at a specified time. However, the regular bar, IMHO, is really worth a visit anyway. It is quite old and totally authentic. Since it is down a small alley on the edge of the RLD, most tourists just pass it by and whenever we went it was full of locals. If the weather is nice you can take your drink outside to the alley (no seating except a ledge). Your Friday does looks full, especially as you are not arriving until 2 p.m. I would skip the Jordaan as it looks like you will have plenty of time to wander there on your last day. Check the schedule for the Royal Palace as it was closed the whole time we were there earlier this summer. The Canal Boat tour is a great activity for the day you arrive as it will give you a good view of the city. SInce you are going to be near Dam Square, you can take a tour from either Rokin (closer) or walk up to the docks by Centraal Station. You could also walk around the RLD on Friday night if you are still in the area.

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8. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

Thanks to all of you for your help. My apologies for the Armitage/Hermitage. I knew what it was, just think my former life in Chicago took over my fingers for a minute.

I have modified my itinerary based on your suggestions, decreasing the activities on Saturday and moving some to Sunday. I've also eliminated the Royal Palace and will just view it from the outside as it seems likely it won't be open to the public while I'm there anyway.

Now I am just counting down the days till I leave.

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9. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions



maybe my triplist will give you some more ideas (although you seem to have enough of those...)

Have fun!!

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10. Re: Itinerary help and a few questions

Hee Hee Matty223!

Hit a coffeeshop and poor Sticleback wont see a thing!! Amsterdam is a place where good intentions can fall by the wayside, you may stop for a beer somewhere inbetween items on the itinery, enjoy it so much you decide to have another, and before you know it the afternoons gone!!

In my opinion its a hell of a lot to fit in to a limited time, and I fear you wont really experience the true joy of Amsterdam!!

Boom Chicago was dissappointing I thought, but maybe its because I am from the UK and not the US and it was all a bit 'American' hence the name Boom Chicago I suppose!!