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revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

New Delhi, India
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revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

thanks everyone - really appreciate the honest responses! please do let me know if this looks better:

7 - fly into rome, overnight at rome

8 - see around rome, overnight at rome

9 - head to florence, overnight at florence

10 - day trip to pistoia - overnight at florence

11 - day trip to bologna - overnight at florence

12 - day trip to lucca, pisa, - overnight at florence

13 - florence sights, overnight

14 - head to siena, overnight at siena

15 - stay in siena, explore, overnight at siena

16 - siena to arezzo, overnight at arezzo

17 - head to rome, overnight at rome

still figuring 18-20, flying out 21.

i have cut down on CT, which perhaps makes sense for us. we are more interested in looking at historical old cities and art etc.

does this look reasonable?am tempted by venice, any place i could trade for that? a day trip may not make sense since i have a toddler and granddad with us.

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Miami Beach, Florida
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1. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

Have you been to Florence and Rome before? Looks like you are using both as a base for other places. There is a LOT to see in both Florence and Rome. I would cut out Bologna and Pistola...Are you driving?

Orange County...
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2. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

Think about visting Rome last. Train service from Roma FCO airport is available to Florence / Firenze SMN so transfer there on arrival. Arezzo is reachable by fast train from Firenze SMN so maybe go there on a day trip. Are you renting an apartment in Firenze? Doing so would likely save money. Most apartments offer a clothes washer (but dryers are extremely rare) which might help especially with your little one.

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3. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!


You still do not get it.

Travel less, see more.

You're still planning on spending way, way too much time packing and unpacking and getting to and from railroad stations.

That means you're not seeing anywhere near as much as you could.

And focus.

In 12 days -- not counting the days you arrive and leave -- you barely have enough time to scratch the surface in two important towns. You're now planning on visiting seven.

I don't think you really have any clue how much there is to see in Rome -- or Florence -- and how much time it is worth to take to see it. As I see your schedule, you are planning on spending one day seeing Florence and about the same in Rome. And you're planning on spending about the same amount of time in Pistoia and Bologna? That's simply crazy.

You're planning on spending way, way too much time in some places and nowhere near enough in others.

Have you read any guide books? Do you know what there is to see in Rome? Florence? Pistoia?

Why do you want to spend so much time on trains? There are no trains in India? I must have been misinformed. I thought India was the railroad capital of the world.

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4. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

No...this is not better (and there are replies in yr previous post with this ‘revised’ itinerary). You can not eat all the candy in the store even though it all looks and smells wonderful.

You are seemingly under an impression that these places are pictures and stories in a magazine...that you can leaf through the pages and will have seen them. They are not. They are real flesh and stone destinations that take t.i.m.e. to get to and t.i.m.e. to visit. Your plan is simply much too packed and will be a frenetic exhausting experience for everyone. I encourage you to be realistic and more attentive. You are bringing a toddler and a senior on this itinerary....

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5. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

There are direct trains from the FCO Airport to Florence at 11:08am and 3:08pm taking 2:14; others there is a change downtown. Staying in Rome only at the end you save a hotel change and convert a half-day with travel to a full day. Time spent in the locations is dependent upon what is planned to see and do.



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6. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

Just scanning your itinerary makes me feel tired! Rome and Florence are only being given a day at best! These are just amazing cities filled with so much culture and sights to see you will be doing them no justice at all having just returned from a trip to Florence....just my two pence worth.

Montepulciano, Italy
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7. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

"Just scanning your itinerary makes me feel tired!"

Phew, me too and I've just had a really long good night's sleep! That said, OP, I have friends from your part of the world who come to Europe, do something very similar and enjoy it enormously. I guess your objective is to see as much as Italy as you can in the time available. However, a couple of things stand out from what I can see. Pistoia and Arezzo are both very beautiful indeed but if it's your first time in Italy, I'm not sure I would put them on my itinerary in place of Venice. Just a thought.

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8. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

Recently we had somebody on the Berlin forum who wanted to visit the 5 (five!) major museums on the Museum Island in 3 hours. Is there some kind of competition going on?

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9. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!


Of course there is.

Like another, much more elegant contest, it's called the "Blue Riband". Art Buchwald famously wrote about it in 1954. I remember it well:

Any sportsman will tell you that the only three things to see in the Louvre are the "Winged Victory of Samothrace," the "Venus de Milo" and the "Mona Lisa." The rest of the sculpture and paintings are just so much window dressing for the Big Three, and one hates to waste time in the Louvre when there is so much else to see in Paris.

Ever since the Louvre acquired these works of art, amateurs from all over the world have been trying to cut down the time it takes to see them. Before the war the world record was held by three Scandinavians, who had managed to make the course in seven minutes thirty-three seconds. This record stood until 1935, when a Britisher, Mergenthaller Waisleywillow, paced by his Welsh wife, did it in seven minutes flat. Waisleywillow in his first attempt made it in six minutes and forty-nine seconds, but was disqualified when he forgot to make a complete circle of the "Venus de Milo."

The record stood until 1938, when a Stockholm man, known as the Swedish Cannonball, introduced sneakers and made it in six minutes and twenty-five seconds.

That record stood during the war years, and it wasn't until 1945 that an attempt was made to beat the Cannonball. This time, because of the travel restrictions in Europe, the Americans had the course to themselves. The first one to take the Blue Riband to America was Tex Houston, from Oklahoma, who shaved two seconds off the record. In 1949 a track star from Miami University (Ohio) made it in six minutes and fourteen seconds. In 1951, the Australians took the title away from the Americans with a six-minute-twelve-second Louvre.

By this time everyone was talking about a six-minute Louvre. Scientists said that under perfect conditions, with a smooth floor, excellent lighting and no wind, it could be done. But for four years no one was able to beat the Australian.

Then one Sunday I was tipped off that an American tourist was going to try for the record. His name was Peter Stone, and he had made several previous attempts that had failed. Mr. Stone has been cited in many magazines and newspapers for a famous remark. After studying the "Winged Victory" for an hour, he said, "It will never fly."

He also was once asked to leave the Louvre when he said in a loud voice in front of a group of tourists who were looking at the "Mona Lisa": "I know the fellow who has the original."

Stone had brought his trainer along with him. He was wearing special indoor track shoes, and he had emptied his pockets of anything that would weigh him down. In choosing Sunday morning for the test he had banked on several things. One was that no tickets are required to get in and he would not lose precious seconds at the ticket booth.

Another was that the Louvre is pretty empty on Sunday mornings and most of the halls would be clear. In order to comply with all the rules, Stone had to get out of a taxi and tell the driver to wait. Then he had to rush into the museum, make the course and get back in the taxi. The taxi had to be four feet away from the curb before he was officially clocked. Timekeepers from the American Express, Thomas Cook & Son and the French Bureau de Tourisme were on hand.

Stone received last-minute instructions from his trainer.

"Whatever you do, keep away from the 'Rape of the Sabines' or you're a goner."

Stone wiped his track shoes in the box of resin that the Louvre keeps at the door for tourists and then got into the taxi. A gun went off and he jumped out of the taxi and rushed into the museum. The rule of the course is you must walk, you cannot run. Keeping his eyes straight ahead, he whizzed past the Salle Denon. At the foot of the Daru staircase, with just a glance at "Winged Victory," he turned left and rushed down two small flights of stairs past the rotunda straight to the "Venus de Milo." He circled the statue completely and headed back toward the "Winged Victory," shortcutting through the Roman and Greek antiquity rooms. His time was a fantastic one minute and fifty-eight seconds to the "venus."

Stone took the stairs two at a time and stopped for two seconds in front of the "Winged Victory." He had a choice of two routes: the Salle Daru, where Napoleon I was being crowned, of the Salle Sept Metres, where the Italian school was hung. He chose the Salle Daru, paused only for a second at the Napoleon painting and then rushed into the Grande Galarie, where "Mona Lisa" was waiting. In thirty seconds he was at the painting. The rules state that a contestant must make some innocuous tourist remark at the painting.

Stone said, "I don't see what's so great about it," and then wheeled, this time taking the Salle Sept Metres. He rushed down the stairs, not even bothering this time to look at the "Winged Victory," hightailed it through the Salle Denon and was out in the street and in a taxi before you could say Leonardo da Vinci. As the taxi pulled away a gun was set off and Stone's time was recorded at five minutes fifty-six seconds, a new world tourist record. The Blue Riband was brought back to America.

Turning down offers from magazines and travel agencies that wanted to use him for testimonial advertisements, Stone modestly gave much of the credit to his trainer.

"The next record I'm going after is St. Peter's in Rome," he said in an exclusive interview. "And then, who knows--perhaps I'll try the Tower of London. They say you can't do it in less than four minutes. Well, let's just see."

The champ threw his arms around his mother and the photographers started taking pictures.

(c) 1954, The Saturday Evening Post

Orange County...
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10. Re: revised itinerary, please pour in comments!

Venerosi, you’ve outdone yourself for all time. Thank you for knowing where to find (and for posting) that gem. It was a good laugh for a Sunday afternoon. Made my day. (Trying to not think about how it’s true in many cases.) Cheers to you!

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