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Is it safe?

Leicester, United...
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Is it safe?

Hi we are going to be staying in an apartment near the aquarium. Is it a safe area? Many thanks

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1. Re: Is it safe?

Would you like some sort of guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen there?

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2. Re: Is it safe?

I’m not sure London satire translates as far as Leicester, Mr Been. :-)

Prue, we have booked an apartment further up the hill in Via Cairoli, being between in Rolli streets, also in the extensive pedestrian area of the historical centre. I am conscious that there is more vehicle traffic and less evening amenity, I suspect, lower down. Someone local will have views.

If, if, my security concern in your area, you were confronted by an escaping shark, would you wrap it and add it to carry on luggage, sending a message to Prof Been to collect at Heathrow.

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3. Re: Is it safe?

The area is fine, I wouldn't worry. Just be aware of your surroundings like in any other city.

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4. Re: Is it safe?

If you are worried about your safety surely it would have made sense to ask the question before you booked the apartment?

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5. Re: Is it safe?

We stayed at NH collections Hotel at the Marina, which is just across from the aquarium. That area is safe. Lots of eateries. The metro. short walk to Piazza Ferrari. Via Septembre, When I looked at the map before arriving, it looked larger than it is. For example, Piazza Ferrari to Via Garibaldi is less than ten minutes.

You will love Genova. Via Garibaldi looks like mid to late 1800s. You can virtually film a movie of the 1800s there without changing a thing. Same goes for Via Septembre. It looks like the period 1920 to 1950s. Again you can film Godfather there without changing a thing. I was just surprised that Genova is not as popular as it should be. After visiting Via Garibaldi, I passed Basilica della Sentissima. It looked unassuming from the outside. But the gilded interior was ABSOLUTELY stunning. But it was more stunning as there were not one other person inside to marvel it except the guard. Same goes for Columbus's old residence. It was like noone cared. If those places will by any chance in Paris or NY. They will be very busy tourist spots.

My wife didn't wanted to visit Genova after watching some of the you tube video of the city. But after visiting it, she loves it and we plan to go back.

Leicester, United...
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6. Re: Is it safe?

Than you so much for your kind and interesting reply 🌸

Leicester, United...
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7. Re: Is it safe?

Than you very much 🌸

north england
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8. Re: Is it safe?

I thank you too for the kindness and care in your reply to Prue - easy to snipe but rarer to be kindly. Me off soon to Genoa and though unafraid, lit up by your descriptions.

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9. Re: Is it safe?

You asked about safety in Genoa on the 5th, 9 days later on the 14th August 43 unfortunate people died and dozens more were injured by the Morandi bridge collapse.

How reliable was the advice from all the people that said "yes Genoa is safe" when you asked?

No one can guarantee safety, even on the Titanic.

If you ask naïve questions, please do not snub the people that point out your naiviety.

Nowhere is safe at all times.

Even if you stay at home, hidden under your blankets, you can be killed by a block of frozen toilet water from an aeroplane smashing through your roof.

When you travel, there are risks. The best you can hope for is to minimise them.

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