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Italy in 9 Days with kids

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Italy in 9 Days with kids

Open to ANY suggestions! Which cities and places would you hit in 9 days--particularly with kids (not babies)?


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1. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

That is a very broad question.

What city will you be arriving/departing and what time of the year. Have you looked at a guidebook to determine your interests, Italy is a big country.

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2. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

I agree, more information is needed. What types of things do you like and not like to do? What time of year are you coming? Where are you flying into and out of? What's your budget?


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3. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

Easy. Do the greatest hits. Rome, Florence and Venice. Each city is packed with art, history, beautiful scenery and lots of fun sites for kids. Wandering around ruins in Rome can be turned into a fantastic adventure and you have some gorgeous parks with stunning views and lots of activities for kids to enjoy too.

Travelling down the grand canal in Venice will capture their imaginations, as well as enjoying the fun of getting lost amidst the little calles and the mystery of the underground passageways and Florence has some fab museums like the Leonardo, the creepy Specola and of course the fantastic armoury in the Bargello.

These three cities offer a wonderful introduction to Italy for children.

Have fun



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4. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

Francois an informative Blog, and the shoe display at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo gave thought to Imelda Marcos ! :)

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5. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

No dates.

No ages

9 days in Italy with kids, 3 major cities and no down time.

All kids are different. Spent the last 20 years on holiday with my kids in Italy - and other places around the world. I wouldn't dream of trying it without some sort of down time. Heat + dragging round cities + kids = irritated = irritated parents = ruined holiday.

People often with no experience of the matter think it's a simplistic answer.

If you want to drag kids round 3 cities solidly for 9 days in 30-40C heat without a break good luck to you.

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6. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

Same suggestion as those above, stick to the classic Rome, Florence and Venice trip and you'll have a great time. Here are some Top Ten lists we have recently compiled that might help you plan your time in these great cities.

Classic Top Ten Rome


Top Ten Florence


Top Ten Venice


Hope you enjoy your trip with your family

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7. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

I agree with those who say that they need more information regarding interests, dates, and ages of children.

The "Big Three" would be my personal choice if not in high summer. However, we are all different - but hot, crowded cities and young children don't usually mix that well.

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8. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

I would NOT try to do the three major Italian cities in summer with children. It would be a disaster with any of the children I know. Children have a different rhythm than adults. They need a lot of down time and free time to watch ducks, splash in fountains, or whatever. Introductions to art should be gentle and brief. History can be fascinating if presented in the right way, but too much of it will confuse and annoy.

I suggest you pick one or at most two of the major Italian cities and spend the rest of the time in a quiet place. Rome, Florence and Venice are crawling with tourists in summer, and the combination of crowds and being out under the broiling sun can be lethal.

I really can't give you any concrete suggestions without knowing more about you and your children, for instance, their ages and their interests. However, here is a hypothetical itinerary:

Spend four of five nights in Rome. Go to the Borghese Gardens one day, where they can rent bikes or go-karts, or you can all ride a 4-person bike carriage; visit the Janiculum Hill, where there are some carnival type amusement rides for smaller kids, as well as pony rides. Take a tour of the fountains in the center of Rome. Go to the Roman Forum very early before it gets hot and then proceed to the Palatine Hill. Finish at the Colosseum. Go to Ostia Antica, the ancient Roman port city, and show the kids the ancient Roman bar, the ancient Roman apartment building, let them sit on the steps of the ancient theatre, and, last but not least, visit the ancient Roman public toilet. You could take a day trip to the beach at Nettuno or Anzio one day, or you could just go to Ostia Lido, which isn't the prettiest beach in Italy, but would be fine for kids. It's actually very lively in the evening.

After Rome, go to Lucca for several days. This is a charming small city with an immense city wall all around it. The top of the wall is now a park, where you can rent bikes. You can take a day trip to Pisa from here one day, and a day trip to Florence another day.

I can think of lots of other combinations. You could stay in Venice for several days and also spend some time in Ferrara. You could stay in Florence for several days, and also spend some time in a town in Umbria. (A car would be very useful in the Umbrian part of this trip.)

I have no idea where DR is, but if you have an early flight to return home, you should be in your departure city the night before the flight. In this case, it might make sense to go directly to your second destination on arrival, and then return to the departure city for the rest of your time.

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9. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

I think you might be better off picking one city (like Rome) and spending your time there, adding in day trips and plenty of down time.

Nine days seems like a lot, but it is only a week if you are counting arrival and departure days. If you are going to be jet-lagged, it will seem like even less.

Rome deserves at least 4-5 days, with gelato every day for the kids. Take it easy, take it slow, and enjoy wandering around.

There are many day trips around Rome; this would depend on the ages and interests of your kids, and even the time of year.

More info, please...

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10. Re: Italy in 9 Days with kids

We are going to Italy for 12 days with two kids and we are planning 4 days in Rome and 7 days on the Puglia coast/country side. I'll let you know how it goes! Personally, we've found that moving around a lot with children is taxing and no fun.