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Driving Outside Rome in April

Burlington, Vermont
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Driving Outside Rome in April

My wife and I are going on our first trip to Italy next Spring. We wanted to stay outside the city so we book a place in Boccea.

We also rented a car so we can go from the airport to the hotel and surrounding areas ourselves. We are NOT planning on driving in Rome, but would love to drive out to the countryside one day.

What areas (north or south of the city) would make for a great day of sightseeing on our own, without having to drive 100 MPH on the A90... we are first time Euro Drivers.

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Adelaide, Australia
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1. Re: Driving Outside Rome in April

Car rental www.autoeurope.com

Route planner www.viamichelin.com

Non EU citizens require an International driving permit for Italy, contact the AAA.

Be aware of traffic restrictions and ZTL areas in Italy, avoid city centres


www.rome.info www.italia.it/en/discover-italy

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2. Re: Driving Outside Rome in April

That’s an interesting choice. Be conscious that you need an International Drivers Permit which amounts to a translation of your license which you also need to carry. This will be useful.


Also this


which only opens properly on a computer.

You need not go near the Autostrada del Sole. :-). Or other toll road. You at the beginning of the Via Aurelia


and the roads north of you are filled with interesting towns. We spent a month in 2010 in a hilltop town north of where you plan to be and would go there again in a flash but my legs are now 74 and the number of steps there from car park to apartment remains unchanged at 270.

But see the sorts of things we did from a base like that.


How long will you be there? If longer than a few days an apartment would be good. Fresh food everywhere, restaurants and other eateries abundant. And you might consider being further out of the suburbs. I’ve only found this about Boccea. Open in Chrome browser to be offered a translation.


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3. Re: Driving Outside Rome in April

Just to add....

It’s 42 years since I last drove through and stayed in Vermont. Boccea is a harsh contrast and an awkward place for seeing Rome or countryside. I’ve not been there but fear you will be disappointed there, that you may feel you have landed in New Jersey. With a car, be further away from the city where there is more beauty. To see the city of Rome trust public transport and legs. The central axis of Rome is between the Colosseum and Piazza del Popolo and most places most people go to see in Rome are within a few hundred metres of that axis. And even with my deteriorating legs, walkable and fascinating.

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4. Re: Driving Outside Rome in April

I don;t think i would have chosen Boccea. I know the area north of Rome very well and i have never bene to Boccea. That may be my fault but as I have never seen it mentioned anywhere i don;t think there's much of interest. I had a quick look through Google streetview and there really seems to be nothing there. I guess you booked some kind of country/farm stay but there's not even a local town to go for a coffee.

Just 50km further north there is a wealth of options in Northern Lazio. There are many cute historic towns to choose from that would make a great base to explore the countryside by car. Lago Bracciano is an obvious choice, but you'll be spoilt for choice in the whole area between Bracciano and Bolsena.

some towns to consider are Tarquinia, Tuscania, Vetralla, Montefiascone.

To get an idea of the wealth of sights, have a look here: www.minorsights.com/search/label/Lazio?

Having a car is the perfect way to explore this area and April is generally a perfect tim- not too warm, not too cold.

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5. Re: Driving Outside Rome in April

> We also rented a car so we can go from the airport to the hotel

I just noticed this.

you already flagged you are a first-time driver in Europe. Europe is very safe to drive- safer than the US by many standards. However, rolling of a long-haul flight with jetlag and being sleep deprived and then, after 2 hrs of faffing about the airport dealing with luggage, Immigration and car rental paperwork, stepping into a strange car to drive in strange surroundings is anything but safe.

Fatigue is a major cause of accidents and what you're planning to do significantly increases the chance for yourself, and others, to be killed in a car accident.

Sorry to be blunt about this but this is the truth.

The safe and smart solution is to spend your first night in Rome, using a taxi to get there, and fresh up, look around, get some sleep. Then the following day you'll be fresh and ready for a drive

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