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72 hour hop on hop off bus??

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72 hour hop on hop off bus??


We are a family of 4 with a 10 & 13 year old. We will be arriving in Rome on Friday 8/24 around 1 pm and will depart first thing in the morning on Tuesday 8/28. I am just starting to make my travel plans. I was wondering what you all though of buying the 72 hour pass for the Hop on Hop off bus? We are staying at Crown plaza St Peters (I already know this is out of the way but my kids need a pool)

What I have tentatively scheduled is:

8/24 Arrival, check into hotel, night tour at Vatican (still waiting to purchase tickets)

8/25, 8/26, and 8/27 are open. Which is why I am thinking the hop on bus would be great

Here are some of the things We would like to see for the 3 days

Colosseum and underground


Palatine Hill

Trevi Fountain

Spanish steps



Would I purchase the hop on hop off in lieu of the Roma pass? Also we would like to have time to come back to hotel for pool time daily. Which attractions could we put together?

Thank you

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1. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

The hoho bus would be very limited value. On the other hand there are many buses going by on the Via Aurelia Antica and you would get great value from the 72 hour public transport pass, see


(In the second column). This you buy at a tobacco or news stand or as advised by the hotel. You validate it in the device on the bus at first use. It will work for 72 hours from that moment. It will work on buses and trams, Metro and railways within the city.

To begin you want to know which buses from hotel into the centre. I’m sure the hotel staff will help. But research is possible and easy enough once you and your young research team get the knack.

You need to go to thispage


(Yes there are Italian language pages but we are doing cultural immersion here :-)

In the left column click on trova linea. Meaning find line.

Now find the hotel on google map and see the bus stop icons on the Via Aurelia Antica nearby. Click on the icons and get line numbers. Enter the numbers one by one and see the bus route. Which may differ depending on direction.

Now your researchers need to know where the city centre is. Find the Via del Corso. Note that the vis del Corso used to be the Via Flaminia and when you wanted to conquer the world that road was the way north out of town.


It’s changed a bit but the section from the Campidoglio to Piazza del Popolo remains the axis of the city. Find walking directions between those places on google maps. Everything within several hundred metres of that requires walking. And is worth walking.

Everything with a name on google maps provides link to more information. The number of places not mentioned on the map but worth wandering past with eyes open is... maybe 100 times the number of things on the map. Street view is useful but the truck went round at dawn of course.

This little movie I made from an electric bus through the centre, not running any more, provides atmosphere.


All those places you mention are within the walking area except the catacombs. Make a separate specific inquiry about those. If you enter catacomb in the search box you’ll find choices. I confess that in 50 years visiting Rome I’ve never been.

I do suggest a visit to Ports Maggiore, first because few people go there, second because it’s a wonderful jumble of wall and aqueduct remains and third because it’s where most tram lines meet.



Note that the #3 goes in a great circle from Trastevere to the zoo (Bioparco) and beyond.


You will see that if you take a bus from near the hotel to the centre and back, you may get along with just buying Individual 100 minute tickets. The pas offers freedom....especially if nobody loses their ticket. :-).

Freedom meaning if people’s legs are falling off you can say hey here’s a bus/tram with seats, where does thst go. The Metro is there but being underground it provides no view, as people in New York understand. Freedom in that if you are bored by a bus trip you can say hey, that’s a more interesting bus there.

Hope you enjoy the virtual trip together as well as the actual. It helps a lot to know where th8ngs are before you arrive. It helps to have multiple devices on the table to hunt places and say how do we get there.

Often not mentioned. Toilets are in thr back of bars. Bars are places respectable, where you can get breakfast and beyond. Not just coffee and pastry, spremuta di arancia, fresh orange juice, squeezed in front of you. World’s best. Etc. But know that in thr centre of Rome if you sit in the bar price probably double. Move away from tourist haunts to get best coffee and meals. And fresh food everywhere.

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2. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

The Roma Pass seems an excellent piece of marketing, but read what’ it offes within what time frame. Probably not value.

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3. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

personally I would walk..the historical centre of roam is easily traversed on foot..and some places are fairly close to each other so you wouldn't use the bus..maybe a local bus or the metro to get back to your hotel at the end of the day..even if you use the local buses/metro a couple of times during the day you've only spent a few euro each

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4. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

I would recommend pre booking a timed entry for the Colosseum Underground and I would also consider a night time tour (beats the heat of August which is tough for adults, much less kids). I would spend one morning or afternoon walking from Piazza Navona ->Pantheon->Trevi Fountain->Spanish Steps. It is a nice walk you can do at your own pace, stopping for a meal or gelato along the way. HOHO bus will not be all that helpful - it doesn't get close enough to a lot of the sites and Rome is quite walkable.

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5. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

I've taken the HoHo buses in Rome and my considered opinion is that they are a complete waste of time and money. They can work well in some places, but Rome is not one of them.

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6. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

The HOHO buses cover central Rome only. If you stay in the Vatican, you’ll need to walk and cross a bridge into Rome for the HOHO stop. It takes 2 hours to complete the loop but it is a great way to people watch and look at Rome from above. You can see the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine hills from the bus. The other locations, the stop is nearby and the conductor will tell you where to walk to. I find it easier to get there than trying to walk all the way from one spot to another. Cheapest way would be by metro, and easiest is by taxi where you get drop off closest. Maybe, a mix of travel rather than 72 hrs.

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7. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

I'm sure I caught a HoHo outside St Peter's Square once. Have things changed/ that was several years ago now, possibly 9 or 10!

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8. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

Don't waste your money on the HOHO bus in Rome or if you go to Florence also.

It's a total waste of money. The line ups are long, people do not respect line-ups and most cases you have to wait for 2, 3 or 4 buses if you get off and cannot get a seat upstairs. TOTAL waste.

Rome tourist is small and all can be walked to. The farthest would be the Vatican Museum and that would be a 10 Euro taxi ride (make sure you take a metered one, a lot cheaper than the 20 +Euro per .

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9. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

Standing waiting for a bus in August heat wouldn't be fun, so use a taxi if it's too far to comfortably walk. Walk to places that are close together like Trevi, Steps, Pantheon. You could start with a taxi to one of them if needed due to where you are staying.

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10. Re: 72 hour hop on hop off bus??

No need for the Hop on Hop off in Rome, walking is a much better option over it.

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