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Stray dogs

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Stray dogs

I was told by a friend who visited Pompeii several years ago that there were stray dogs everywhere who looked pitiful. I wanted to know if this is true I'm an animal lover and this would break my heart

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I was there two days ago. There are several 'free dogs' / 'cani liberi' that live in Pompeii. They all have names. They look very well fed, some too well fed, and I believe there are volunteer vets who check on them. They were welcomed in a local restaurant and everyone was treating them well. However, I still found it heart breaking. Then again these dogs are free to do what they want, when they want. They are fed, have shelter, lots of company and virtually no traffic.

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I was there a week ago. 3 dogs, no sign of aggression at all. I took a photo of a sweet collie-type which just lay there while I took it. All very healthy looking.

All through Italy the animals we saw look well, even the stray cats, which some kind people seem to feed. Nowhere was overun with strays. Even the horses for the tourists looked good, and I've seen some very sad looking ones elsewhere.

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I saw like 2 or 3 stray dogs while I was there but they didn't look like they were starving. I think the staff at Pompeii feeds them since I did see them letting cats inside the ticket booth and feeding them.

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15. Re: Stray dogs

You will see a few of them but pay them no attention.

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Yes, it is true...

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WHY?? would you not pay attention to them, would you like to be homeless and ignored??

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