Europcar Grenzstrasse 17, Halle Saale

Word of warning. Rented car here this summer. Service was generally up to par with an international service BUT:

I went to pick up the car at 4 PM, although I'd booked the car for 10 AM. They told me my car had been rented to someone else, and that they had a two-hour limit after which they could do so. THere was nothing on my US -based documentation to that effect. Could have ruined a week's holiday.

In the end they gave us one with lots of dings on it. These were all recorded, and didn't interfere with the rental.

They also did *not* provide pick-up or drop-off service. They only have one person on premises to deliver customers, and if you aren't exactly on time, they won't provide this service.


Next time I'll go with their competitors, who are placed closer in to the city.