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Metro : Point to Point or t+?

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Metro : Point to Point or t+?


I am traveling in a group of 4 adults and I'll be staying in 9th arr. I am thinking of using the metro to go everywhere because I've heard the traffic is quite bad!! But the thing about metro that scared me is about pickpockets. Anyhow my plan is to avoid the metro during rush hours which I assume shall be morning and evening?

I see the single tickets are from one point to another for 1.9 (no return journey) and im not sure i understand t+ clearly as it says i get 10 ordinary tickets for 2 hours following validation. Is that validation for all 10 tickets for 10 hours or validation for one ticket only?

I won't be exiting the metro until i reach my destination so which one would be better to get??

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1. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

Each single ticket is valid 2 hours after you validate it. An unused ticket is valid forever and a carnet of 10 tickets is just 10, separate, single tickets sold at a discount price. If you use only one ticket, the other 9 are valid forever until you start using them.

Depending on where in the 9th, you can also visit most of Paris on foot.

There is really no need to worry about pickpockets on either bus or métro as long as you know they exist and target tourists. You are more likely to encounter them while waiting in line at tourist sights so as long as you know about them and make nothing valuable easily available, why worry? Just keep things secure and under your watch.

Val-de-Marne, France
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2. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

Point to point tickets are for travel on RER and suburban trains outside Paris (for instance for trips between Paris and airport or Versailles, Disneyland, etc, which are outside the city of Paris).

Tickets t+ are for travel on bus, métro and tram anywhere in Paris and the greater Paris region (= Île de France) and for travel on RER/Transilien suburban trains inside Paris only, which is also known as zone 1.

So in Paris proper, all you want is tickets t+ sold at 14.90/10 tickets or 1.90/ticket. Just remember they are not valid on RER and Transilien suburban trains outside Paris (zone 1).

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3. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

I would forget about the 2 hours reference to using a t+ on the métro (which is a different time from bus usage). It should never affect you. One ticket t+ is one trip, including connections, to anywhere on the bus, métro, tramway or on the funicular if you like. You can use the t+ on the RER trains but only between those few stations within the Paris city limits (aka zone 1).

The t+ does cost 1.90€ but the booklet of 10 individual tickets may be purchased for 14.90€

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4. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

Great thanks

So I think getting the t+ option would be more valuable for me.

To validate the ticket would it be a long queue?

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5. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

No, you validate the ticket at the turnstile to enter the station. Make sure to keep the validated ticket on you until you complete the trip and exit the destination station completely.

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Val-de-Marne, France
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6. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

The ticket gets validated as soon as you start using it, which is when you insert it in the turnstile at métro or RER stations (or, for bus trips, in the machine that is on the bus). And just to reiterate what has been advised, make sure you keep your ticket with you until the very end of your trip.

And keep it separate from unused tickets so you do not get them mixed up. ;)

Rennes, France
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7. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

A t+ ticket IS a point-to-point ticket within Paris. You just get them at a discounted price if you buy them in a bulk of 10 (a "carnet").

Regarding reply #3 : unless it has changed, you cannot change from metro to bus with the same ticket. You can transfer between metro lines (as long as you stay in the metro system) or between bus lines but not between metro and bus.

Basically in the metro every one has to get through the turnstiles, and to do that you have to validate your ticket, so it's hard to travel in the metro without a validated ticket. In the bus it's easier to miss, so make sure you validate your ticket each time (it's a small square box usually behind the driver).

Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

The t+ can be used anywhere the metro goes for one ride with as many metro changes as are needed to reach the destination. It can only be used in zone 1 on the RER i.e. within Paris. The time frame is irrelevant; once you leave the metro that ticket is done so throw it away so it doesn't get mixed up with others. You can be inspected during the ride and if you can't produce the valid ticket, the fine is rather enormous and on the spot. So have a system for keeping the current ride ticket ready for inspection and hang onto it until you have exited the metro system. We get inspected on average about once a week in Paris; one week, it was 3 times. But it is not a timed ticket that allows you to hop off and run an errand and then re-enter the system; it is a one ride ticket.

On the buses, you can transfer to get to your destination but you cannot hop off and then reboard the same bus or use it for a round trip. the tickets are vulnerable to demagnetization; if that happens before use, the clerks will replace them but if it were to happen during the ride you would not have a valid ticket and be vulnerable to fine. So make sure you don't have a magnetic clasp on a purse, or coat pocket and if you do that your companion carries the tickets. I learned this by experience.

Leiden, The...
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9. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

How long are you going for and what days? The Navigo Decouverte might be a good option if your dates fall between Monday to Sunday.

Seattle, Washington
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10. Re: Metro : Point to Point or t+?

I am also trying to find out the same thing and wanted to know if need to buy The Navigo Decouverte pass for each adult and child? or DO you use 1 card for everyone? Are ticket prices any different for kids under 5? I have a 4.5 year old and 20 month old. I will be in Paris in 2.5 weeks, when should I buy The Navigo Decouverte and where?

Thanks a lot,


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