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Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

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Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

We booked a 7 day Aer Lingus vacation with rental car included from Dan Dooley.

THE GOOD: Inflight entertainment system & fast check-in at airport

THE BAD: HORRIBLE customer service both before and during our trip. After we booked our trip, they did not respond to multiple emails, waited on hold for 20-40 minutes each time that we called, reps were rude & gave us inaccurate information repeatedly. The "upgraded" b&b's that you can choose from are not the best ones available. We booked 2 cars with GPS & no GPS was available when we arrived. The rental car company, Dan Dooley, that Aer Lingus uses, were incredibly rude both in email & in person. We did not encounter 1 rep that was nice in any way. They are unapologetic and unhelpful about not giving you what you reserved & paid for, and the wait in line for the car is hours!

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1. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

Next time, book your vacation through one of the U.S. carriers - Delta or American Airlines - you'll be happier with the customer service. You can also rent a car, and book hotels in the larger European cities, through them.

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2. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

I am about to book on Irish Aer Lingus. I must say, when I called to ask some questions about the vacation package, they sounded as if they could care less whether they had my business or not. So, thanks for the advice, I will check into American carriers before I book with Aer Lingus. It's just that their vacation packages seemed so inexpensive.

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3. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

i am wondering if they are on some kind of go-slow or work to rule or something. Maybe that could be it.

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4. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

In today's economy, I would hate to "go slow." Actually, I found a B&B in Nenagh, Tipperary for less than $100 a night and inasmuch as it appears to be in the center of southern Ireland, I think we'll stay there and book with Delta - and then book a car through them. I think Tipperary is not too far from Kerry where my grandmother came from or Mayo where my grandfather came from.

County Tipperary...
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5. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

Ireland is having all sorts of internal issues about pay etc in the public service and semi-state bodies. None of these should impact significantly on your holiday. Aer Lingus is one of the bodies that has been having problems, though whether it has been sorted I have no idea.

On the matter of whether Tipperary is close to Kerry and Mayo, by US terms they are not far apart. By Irish standards, well Kerry isn't too bad, but Mayo is a good distance. Even from Tipperary you are going to find it is mostly smaller roads, one lane in each direction, certainly not highway, and will probably take longer than you would expect.

Limerick, Ireland
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6. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF


Nenagh is NOT the place to stay in if you want to visit Kerry and Mayo.

Check out www.aaroadwatch.ie/routes for details of time and distances.

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7. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

We are on our last day of our Aer Lingus Vacations. It was 7 days..Dublin/Kinsale/Limerick and back to Dublin. For the price I would have to say there was value. The Hotels were all lovely and had a location that enabled you to venture out to see the sights. In Limerick the "Barratt Tour" was a lifesaver.

When we arrived at the airport (which was 2am USA time) we had a VERY LONG wait at Dan Dooley Rent-A-Car. The girl behind the counter knew there were two flights arriving at the same time but felt she was "brave" to handle the rush and not bring in extra help! We were exhausted waiting and going thru the fine print which involved leaving a 1K deposit on our charge card which we were not expecting. Also, a $22 per day insurance fee. We were under the impression this was all covered in our original booking with A.L. Many others must have felt the same way hence the long involved time spent with each customer. The car had a GPS that was old and did not have any of the newer roads on it and the mirror was cracked. The breakfast at all the Hotels (Carlton Kinsal/Strand Limerick) was excellent but the staff was barely professional and certainly not helpful (except at the Croake Park in Dublin-they were great.) All and all I think that if you are willing to do your own research and roll with the punches the Aer Lingus Vacation Package will get you there.

Little Sutton...
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8. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

Sad to hear of the bad publicity this is all likely to generate,as for the extras on car hire this seems like a real blast from the past,the UK papers were full of such stories about 20 years ago when scores of people arrived for holidays in Florida to pick up their 'free' hire cars only to find that nothing is free!

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9. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

I unfortunately booked directly with Aer Lingus and will leave the 15th. So far I too have found Aer Lingus staff consistently rude - that is if you can stand the long wait on the phones. Will never again use Aer Lingus nor recommend it ti anyone.

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10. Re: Aer Lingus Vacations - RIPOFF

I am sorry you had a bad experience with Aer Lingus and Dan Dooley. Reports like this always annoy me as I would like to think that visitors to my country would have a consistently great experience when they visit.

The only reasons I can imagine for the very bad customer service may be in part due to uncertainties at Aer Lingus (no excuse for bad service I know, but maybe agrieved staff have decided to use that tactic).

As for Dan Dooley, well this is a company that I would never use having followed visitor experiences about them since 2005. While they do get good reviews, when they get it wrong - they get it very badly wrong.

Customer Services is something that DD seem to really fall down on. This is a management failure. It looks like DD cannot manage or motivate staff properly.

I hope you come back again and that you have a much better experience. My recommendation: Do not use an organised tours option and hire your car from one of the mainstream renters e.g. Avis, Hertz