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ATM's in Britain

Calgary, Canada
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ATM's in Britain


We're travelling from Canada to various points around Britain and would like to use the ATM's for cash instead of traveller's cheques. I thought this would work, but just wanted to make sure.


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1. Re: ATM's in Britain

JLBO: It should work, but make sure you have a four digit PIN. And just to be on the safe side, in case your ATM card doesn't work, bring along cash and credit cards.

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2. Re: ATM's in Britain

You also might want to let your bank know when and where you'll be traveling. I got a call from my bank once while I was in London asking about suspicious activity on my card.

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3. Re: ATM's in Britain

Also be clear how much it will cost!

Charges seem to vary considerably between different banks.

And as LeeB says always have a back up in case of need!

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4. Re: ATM's in Britain

If you are getting money out of an ATM then check whether it will charge you or not. Some don't but some charge up to about £3.00 (approximatley 6 Canadian Dollars) per transaction.

Aberdeen, Scotland
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5. Re: ATM's in Britain

ATM's operated by the major UK banks don't impose transaction charges. These 'free to use' ATM's are mainly located in the High Street, at airports, major train stations etc.

ATM's operated by other organisations such as outside small shops or on garage forecourts etc tend to impose a transaction charge, maybe up to £3 or EUR 5. I live near a very small town and we have 4 ATM's...and none of them charge. I've never used an ATM in the UK which does charge.

Please be aware, however, that overseas (including Canadian) credit card companies may well impose their own 'handling charges' for cash advances and currency conversion.

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6. Re: ATM's in Britain

I had been saving up for my trip to London and had all my spending money in my savings account. Once at the ATM machine I didn't even realize that it wasn't giving me the choice of withdrawing from the chequing or savings account like at home! Luckily for me my husband stayed behind and caught on so he was transferring money over as fast as I could spend it. Make sure your cash is in the chequing account and have a terrific trip!

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7. Re: ATM's in Britain

and to piggyback what tea4me wrote, you cannot transfer between accounts overseas. We searched and found the Citibank ATM and still could do the transfer or deposit for that matter.

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8. Re: ATM's in Britain

Ask your bank if they partner with any banks in the UK. You may be able to avoid any fees this way.

As others have stated, have backup. If you can get free travellers cheques, then stash some in different bags. More than likely you'll never need them and can just deposit them back into your account when you return home. I love them because they're free peace of mind.

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9. Re: ATM's in Britain

Dear JLBO,

I have the answer for you and its recent. we also came from Calgary. We were in London at the end of July-early August.

I had money in two banks in case one didnt work but they both did, we already have a 4 digit pin here so no worries.

The bank itself did charge a flat $3 fee and the daily exchange rate but you know how they work. I got 200 lbs at a time so I didnt have too many fees tacked on and it was great. Have a ton of fun

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10. Re: ATM's in Britain

I went to my bank today and asked them to temporarily raise my withdrawal limit, just for the week I will be in London. They were glad to do it, and I don't anticipate having to use the ATM card more than twice. (I have a safe in my hotel room.)

Do the British ATM's operate exactly as ours in the USA do? I just have to remember that I am asking for pounds instead of dollars, and do the currency exchange in my head, correct? (In Mexico once, I thought I was asking for $100, not realizing it was pesos, and got back $10....duh, but I didn't make that mistake again!)