1 week in Sicily.

I decided one day to visit Sicily. I never went to Italy and I am for many years in love with Greece.

This time I decided to give it a break and discover something new. I thought Italy. I thought Sicily.

Great, Sicily has so much in relation with Greece due to its history !

Now, I have only a week. Come in Friday morning ( 09:30) an leaving Friday morning around 10. That gives me circa 5,5 days...

I thought first to make a round. Rent a car in the Palermo Airport and go straight to see Segesta ruins. From there to Trapani for Salines only and I thought Marsala for some wine related short view although I did not find much about it. From there to drive along the coast towards Agrigento via Selinute and make a night somewhere there ( I heard of a camping site with mixed reviews on the beach ) Wake up next day and go to Valley dei Templi and drive to Piazza Armenina for the villa and from there through Caltagirone to Modica /Ragusa for two nights to expore the area there. After that move to Siracusa area and explore the area there. Then I wanted to move to Catania and from there explore Etna and Taormina. Maybe If I had a day left I would see palermo or Cefalu although I think it is better to revisit Sicily for that later on for a long weekend.

During all that trip I would love to explore divine food and some time at the beach... But after reading I do realize that I think it is serious overload... What would you, who know the Island suggest to cut out of my idea. I also thought of not renting the car but traveling via public transport but that would cut so mane places to see due to the accesibility and time yet it would give me more time to relax and far greater budget to leave with Sicilian hard working people rather than multinational expensive car rental companies ( so far it looks like a small fortune as I rather have it stress free and go directly with full casco in Europecar ).

One more question is regarding accomodation. Is it possible and easy to find accomodation on a daily basis in the first week of September ? Please bear in mind I do not speak Italian...

If anyone could advise ?

Thank you.