Cannot Make Up My Mind. Help! Lol

I might be heading to Mexico soon to visit family that's in Zacatecas. I was thinking about spending a week with them, and then heading out to spend two weeks in one of Mexico's sandy beaches. But there's a few things I've come up against. There's no direct flights out of Zacatecas to Quintana Roo or Yucatan. To get to them, I'd have to fly to Mexico City and catch a flight from there. So I tried doing some research and saw Sayulita, Nayarit. It's 6-7 hours driving from my family's home state. And I was all set on going there, till I glanced some more at the east coast. It's hard to resist those pristine waters, white sands, and Mayan ruins. And here's another snag in that plan. Not only is there not direct flights from Zacatecas to them. If I took a bus, it would be a whole day driving down there, maybe a day and a half.

So, any other places that have sandy white beaches and turquoise waters that are closer to Zacatecas? Or should I just give Nayarit a chance? OR, take that long drive down to the Riviera Maya? I'm thinking of heading down there in August or September. I know, it's cutting it close and you have to preplan way in advance but I'm waiting on my passport. Any ideas? All are welcome. Thanks!